Youth skills development

This project, whose promoting organization is Kelt (Kildare European Leader Teoranta) based in Ireland, aim to develop the skills of young people through the creative use of the media.
The project is being delivered through a combination of:
-Training based workshops for young people in Teignbridge and County Kildare in the technical and creative use of digital film technology.
-Working jointly with both teams of facilitators in Teignbridge and Celbridge to offer the young people the experience of both methodologies.
the most innovative aspect of this project was the fact that the project is driven by the young people
They decided on the issues to be explored, they developed the story lines, they determined the format of
how the stories are presented (a TV magazine style broadcast, a short play/drama), they did the filming and
managed the production, and they provided editing control. Project promoters provided the training to enable them
take on this responsibility.


This project very much reflects an area based approach, as both LAGs (the LAG is a body of public and private players, united in a partnership, which identifies a joint strategy and a local action plan for developing a Leader area) had identified the needs of young people as important priorities within their respective areas. Both LAGs, had implemented innovative training based actions to address these needs. The transnational project was an almost natural extension of each LAG’s local actions.