The project GreenITNet and sustainability goals

A collaborative research project that brings together a number of European municipal authorities are actively considering the possibility of transferring good practices in the field of information and communication technologies ‘green’.The project ‘GreenITNet’ recognizes that a greening of Information Technologies can help cities achieve their sustainability goals.
As it is expected an intensification of the installations of systems and ICT networks are necessary efficient measures that ensure the widest possible reduction of energy consumption of these technologies.
In addition to the greening of ICT, information and communication technologies offer large opportunities to realize savings in several areas, such as contributing to a more efficient management of transport systems. The use of ICT in these areas can provide savings in terms of fuels and resources, help to optimize the use of infrastructure and, more generally, to reduce the environmental footprint of urban areas.

In addition, through the sharing of good practices in this area, the project GreenITNet has managed to bring together municipal authorities of the various countries of Europe to the active transfer of ideas.
For further informations, please visit the official website of this project: http://www.greenitnet.com