Some innovative products from a slovak company

This best practice, promoted by the slovak company Stered PR Krajné Ltd, is the product of a project involving he Institute of Textile Technology Bratislava, the Chemical Fibres Research Institute in the town of Svit, located in northern Slovakia, as well as the municipality of Krajne.

The project, supported mainly by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union, has devised a way to reprocess the waste textile fibers in the automotive industry, transforming them into a new raw material, used as an insulator and a growing number of other applications.

Stered PR Krajné Ltd is expanding, which has so far created 50 jobs and began to work with companies that can use its materials in the Czech Republic. In addition to the insulation, the material is used as a soft surface playgrounds for children, in the walkways and driveways in the doors of cars and barriers against noise caused by traffic.
Lately, the material has been tested for use in tram tracks for its ability to absorb vibration and noise. Initial tests have shown that the use of the material resulted in a decrease “appreciable” noise of the tram in transit, by also making the journey on board of this medium more confortable for the passengers.

For futher informations, please visit the official website of the slovak company ‘Stered PR Krajné Ltd’ http://www.stered.sk/