Social Network for SMEs ecological

A new european platform for eco-innovation is hoping to create the basis for what could become an eco-social network for small and medium businesses.The project, GreenEcoNet, is operating through a web site that provides case studies on eco-innovation, tolls, guidance of experts, discussions forums and news.

The final aim of the project, according to Emily Benson, rappresentative of the project partners ‘Green Economy Coalition’, however, is becoming highly interactive making sure that the Web Site evolves in a network tool to help SME to meet and collaborate.

This site will then become “an electronic marketplace for products, services and operating models more environmentally friendly, a sort of Linkedin for SMEs”.

From the point of view of the instruments, the website compares codes of sustainability, measuring and mapping that can help SMEs to reduce their environmental impact.
GreenEcoNet differs from similar online platforms, which compares usefull tools in the field of eco-innovation, because it attempts to encourage the sharing of informations from the bottom by SMEs rather than primarily providing information to themselves.
For further informations, please visit the official website http://greeneconet.eu/