What are good practices?

What defines a GOOD PRACTICE initiative?
a) it’s effective in achieving expected results and raises proper results depending on predefined objectives and expected effects;
b) is sustainable and efficient i.e. the need to ensure that good practice is both compatible with existing resources, even in relation to the comparison of the costs of practice compared to similar initiatives, and on the other hand, is capable of generating new ones. In addition, a good practice has to determine situations with a satisfactory ratio between absorbed resources for its implementation and the results achieved for the individuals involved in it, even beyond the duration of the project;
c) introduces innovative elements namely the ability to produce new solutions or creatively interpret solutions already tested. These solutions can be both in terms of product (service) or process (e.g., in project management, in monitoring and evaluation methodology, in the approach to the dissemination of results) and contribute in this way to respond more effectively to the needs of the beneficiaries of the project;
d) can be reproduced in other geographical contexts and/or specialty;
e) is consistent with its wording, expressing information clearly, uniformly, reliably and succinctly;
f) presents concrete elements that can contribute to the reformulation and improvement of sector-based policies and programming.