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Сдружение Инициатива за по-добър живот (Association Initiative for a Better Life) (Bulgaria)
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2G Vitinya Str., Beni Building, Entr. A, Floor 2, Office 7 - 1517 Sofia Bulgaria

00359876668324 0035924177618

Type: No Profit (Nfp-Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2003

Legal Representative: Yavor Profirov

The Association is working in many different fields - assistance to vulnerable groups – orphans, disabled people, unmarried mothers, children with disabilities and minority groups representatives, as well as protection of their human rights by organizing of seminars, development and participation in projects for assistance of orphans, disabled people, lonely mothers, children with disabilities, etc., assistance to the social and labour adaptation of unmarried mothers, disabled people and minority groups, participation in campaigns and programs for protection the children’s rights, unmarried mothers, disabled people and minority groups, promoting entrepreneurship among young people from less developed regions and municipalities, etc.
Asociatia de Consultanta si Consiliere Economico-Sociala OLTENIA (The Association for Social and Economic Counselling and Consultancy OLTENIA) (Romania)
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Sararilor Street, No. 31 - 200529 Craiova Romania

004743108885 00251432266

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2002

Legal Representative: Andreea Mihaela Nita

To support the unemployed active population, the vulnerable groups, and also the employees that want to continuously improve.
Associação de Desenvolvimento Social e Local de Vila Nova de Cerveira (Association of Social and Local Development of Vila Nova de Cerveira) (Portugal)
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Centro De Apoio Às Empresas, Pólo Ii Zona Industrial De Cerveira - Campos - 4920-012 Vila Nova De Cerveira Portugal

00351251795086 00351251795086

Type: No Profit (Portuguese Non-Governmental Organization) Year of Foundation: 2004

Legal Representative: Manuela Ferreira

The Associação de Desenvolvimento Social e Local de Vila Nova de Cerveira – ADSL (Association of Social and Local Development of Vila Nova de Cerveira), was founded in 2004 and registered as a Private Social Solidarity Institution in September 2007. Its mission is to provide security and social welfare, health and continuing care services, supporting, unequivocally, the needs of children, youth, elderly and the surrounding community in an integral and personalized way. It also promotes activities aimed at gender equality, local development, social economy and education and training of youth and adults.
Africké kultúrne, informačné a integračné centrum (African Cultural, Information and Integration Center) (Slovakia)
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Ružinovská 1, Slovakia - 82102 Bratislava Slovakia

+421 904 699 511 +421 904 699 511

Type: No Profit (Non Governmental Organization) Year of Foundation: 2012

Legal Representative: President

African Cultural, Information and Integration Center ,,AKIIC'' supports immigrants in their their integration process into the Slovak society. ,,AKIIC'' envisions an inclusive Slovak country in which all immigrants can contribute their gifts, skills, values and culture therefore strengthening and transforming the community around them.
Africa Irish Development Initiative (English) (Ireland)
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Siute 1, 7 Elm Mount Grove, Beaumont, Dublin 9 - D9 Dublin Ireland

+353 89 951 3977 +353 1 515 4977

Type: No Profit (Social Enterprise) Year of Foundation: 2010

Legal Representative: Company Limited By Guarantee

MISSION: Educating our Communities to Educate Themselves in building Culture Capital VISION: To build structures to promote intercultural profiles for Social and enterprise inclusion and Integration towards interdependence GOALS and OBJECTIVES:  Engaging and empowering ethnic minorities especially Blacks and Africans in Ireland to utilising their skills and talents for strong economy  Educate, promote, research, preserve, interpret, and disseminate information about African life, history, culture and traditions through positive exchange programmes and events to the global community  To inspire Africans to develop plan and policies that reflect the history, culture, social and economic needs of communities and groups;  To improve and promote the work of the Foundation through the flow of information, events, projects, research and development, and resources;  To influence and inform policy, planning and to encourage participation in community development and education to allow members of our communities to learn from each other’s experiences;  Establish Intercultural Academy and Information Centre;  To represent the collective views of Africa Diasporas in local, nationwide and international;  Developing and celebrating different elements of historical and cultural, and educational programme to promote diversity and intercultural communications;  Export and import Irish and African cultures such as in Arts and technologies through festivals, exhibition of culture, arts, dance, drama, storytelling, fashion and traditions;  Promote Festival of Arts and cultures through Intercultural Music, Academic lectures, Tourism, Film and movies, enterprise exchange projects for business sustainability.
Associació Juvenil Adalet (Adalet Youth Association) (Spain)
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Carrer Clavé, 31 - 08201 Sabadell Spain

0034699628980 0034699628980

Type: No Profit (Youth Association) Year of Foundation: 2014

Legal Representative: Elisabet Tasa Vinyals

Our main aim is to empower young people by educating them in skills such as critical thinking, scientific literacy, creativity or international networking. Moreover, we wish to provide a space where critical, open-minded and high-skilled youngsters can develop their potentialities, leading to long-lasting, multidimensional -individual, groupal and social- transformation processes.
Asociación Jóvenes Solidarios (Sollidairy Youth Association) (España)
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Avda De La Constitución 48 - 05400 Arenas De San Pedro España

00674546858 0031920370988

Type: No Profit (Non Profit Organization) Year of Foundation: 2008

Legal Representative: Monia Izabela Dericks Wisniewska

The AJS Association is a non- profit organization that focuses its work on youth in rural areas. Our main aims are: 1. To promote citizen participation among youth. 2. To develop a conscious and critical attitude towards social and political issues. 3. To foment the youth initiative. 4. To impulse the education of the future Young entrepreneurs.
Aldeia das Ciências (Science Village) (Portugal)
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Escola Eb1 Do Louredo 2 Senhor Jesus Dos Aflitos - 7005-874 Évora Portugal

00351266748100 00000000000000

Type: No Profit (Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organization) Year of Foundation: 2014

Legal Representative: Luís Fialho

We are a UNESCO center that promote the pursuit of a more conscious and participatory citizenship in relation to Water, Environment and Sustainable Development.
Inštitut za promocijo varstva okolja (Institute for the promotion of environmental protection) (Slovenia)
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Koroška C. 57 - 2000 Maribor Slovenia

00 386 51 622 766 00 386 2 22 93 625

Type: No Profit (Institut) Year of Foundation: 2005

Legal Representative: Prof. Ddr. Ana Vovk Korže

The mission of the Institute for the Promotion of environmental protection - IPVO to be a leader and an effective business partner for introducing ecoremediation in practice.
AEVA (Portugal)
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R. Dr. Francisco Ferreira Neves - Barrocas - Apt.567 - 3800-510 Aveiro Portugal

234373060 234373069

Type: No Profit (Non Profit Organization With Vocational School) Year of Foundation: 1992

Legal Representative: Jorge Castro

AEVA – Associação para a Educação e Valorização da Região de Aveiro (Association for Education and Development of the Aveiro District) is a non-profit organization, was founded in 1998, intervening in the education and development resources. It is the present owner of EPA – Escola Profissional de Aveiro – VET School of Aveiro, which started in 1992. EPA acts at a regional level and its vocational training curricula is aiming to bridge business needs in the region defined in the yearly inquiry. EPA provides nowadays training for 1126 students in apprenticeship courses (700 trainees in level IV and 356+96 trainees in level II), in the following Level IV curricula: - Renewable Energies - Electronics, automation and robotics - Electronics and telecommunications - Electricity - Hygiene, Health and Security at the Work Place and the Environment - Sociocultural Entertainment - Communication, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising - Organization of Events - Early Childhood Services - Industrial Maintenance
Асоциация за развитие на арабо-български инициативи и сътрудничество /АРАБИС/ (Association for development of Arab-Bulgarian initiatives and collaboration /ARABIS/) (Bulgaria)
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Hristo Botev Blvd.77, Fl.1 - 1303 Sofia Bulgaria

024179579 024179579

Type: No Profit (Intercultural Dialogue, Refugee Integration, Youth Entrepreneurship, Youth Unemployment, Active Citizenship) Year of Foundation: 2010

Legal Representative: Metodi Pachev - Chairman

Founded by young graduates at Arab-Islamic Studies and Arabic language at ‎Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ", the main objectives of the organization are to intensify ‎relations between the Bulgarian and Arab societies, focusing on youth and its needs and goals, and to promote ‎active citizenship in a tolerant and democratic society. Our target groups are students and ‎young people from Bulgarian, Arabic or mixed origin, young migrants from Arab countries ‎as well as any foreigners residing in Bulgaria.‎
Aretè Formazione ONLUS (Aretè ONLUS) (Italy)
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N.11/C, Zuretti Street - 71121 Foggia Italy

390881889040 390881330365

Type: No Profit (Onlus) Year of Foundation: 2009

Legal Representative: Dr. Antonio Berardino

The Association carries out activities that promote culture, education and vocational training, primarily in favor of socially disadvantaged groups. In its mission the Association Aretè Formazione Onlus pursues a series of objectives and goals: - analyze the training and professional needs of its users; - develop a range of vocational and education training, allowing the development of skills among disadvantaged groups; - promote the integration of people at risk of social exclusion into the labor market; - promote lifelong learning concept, by facilitating the adaptation and the integration between training, education and employment systems; - contribute to the employability of working-age people; - encourage the experimentation with methodological choices and innovative teaching strategies, including the use of ITC tools; - improve the monitoring and evaluation systems.
ARS for Progress of People (Belgium)
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73, Rue Potagère, 1210 Bruxelles - 1210 Bruxelles Belgium

+32 23503335 +32 2 7062426

Type: No Profit (No Profit (Asbl)) Year of Foundation: 2011

Legal Representative: Massimiliano Bonne

ARS4Progress supports and fosters economic, social and cultural development in all its facets, especially focusing on education, human rights, entrepreneurship, civil society, gender and democratisation. The mission of ARS4Pro is to provide individuals, NGOs, international donors, intergovernmental institutions and local communities with technical advice and expertise to support their activities and project ideas.
Asociatia "Un Zambet" ("One Smile" Association) (Romania)
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Comuna Itesti, Loc. Dumbrava - 607044 Bacau Romania

+4 0745 315 951 +4 0334 819 982

Type: No Profit (Association) Year of Foundation: 2009

Legal Representative: Gheorghita Liviu

Un Zambet Bacau Association, founded in 2009 organizes actions with the purpose of raising awareness of the importance of youth work for a clear commitment to support young people, to share best practice between youth workers from different European countries that use non-formal education methods in order to stimulate regional cooperation in accordance with agenda of young people in Europe. WE wish to promote volunteering and European citizenship by active participation at a local, national and European level. The association is a member of the European Information Multipliers Network - INFO REGIO and NONFORMAL EDUCATION NETWORK with experience in initiating and developing financed projects in partnership with public body, private and different NGOs from Romania, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Moldova.
Asociaţia pentru Transformarea prin Educaţie a Deltei Dunării (The Association for Transforming through Education the Danube Delta) (Romania)
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Str. Gării, Nr. 10, Bl. L21 - 700093 Iaşi Romania

0040754984511 0040754984511

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2015

Legal Representative: Andrei-Cosmin Mocanu-Irimiţă

Asociatia Impreuna pentru Dezvoltarea Comunitatii - AIDC (Together for Community Development Assoctiation) (Romania)
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Str. Cerbului Nr. 20 Ap. 3 - 500015 Brasov Romania

+40-727-833101 +40-268-415033

Type: No Profit (Civic, Education And Community Development) Year of Foundation: 2001

Legal Representative: Kristina Creosteanu - President

Together for Community Development Association - AIDC was established in 2001, aiming to promote the democratic values in local communities. The organization profile is predominantly civic and educational. AIDC main areas of action are: supporting the sustainable development of communities through participatory planning, citizen participation in public decision, promote good practice and exchange of experience between communities, training in different areas, civic education, urban education, youth entrepreneurship, leadership and volunteering, volunteer management, preservation, restoration and promotion of local and national heritage, promotion of cultural initiatives and programs in communities and activities of social enterprise.
Association for education and sustainable Development (Romania)
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Str. 1 Decembrie 1918 Nr. 12 Bloc A17 Sc.2 Ap.2 - 910040 Calarasi Romania

0040.724.027.969 0040.242.315.155

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2007

Legal Representative: Gabriel Dobrescu

The goal of the Association is ti promote lifelong learning in society in order to facilitate the development of an active citizenship, social cohesion and employment.
Associazione La Rosa Roja (A.RO.RO.) (La Rosa Roja Organization (A.RO.RO.)) (Italy)
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Via Antonio Molinari, 5 - 09028 Sestu Italy

+39 0702044901 +39 0702044901

Type: No Profit (Non Profit And Non Govermant Organization) Year of Foundation: 2012

Legal Representative: Elizabeth Rijo

A.RO.RO. wants to contribute, through the commitment, motivation, determination and professionalism of its people, the struggle to overcome poverty, illiteracy and growth of the communities with which it cooperates nationally and internationally, intervening in situations of emergency, reconstruction and development, in order to limit the economic social differences between the north and south of the planet, between developed areas and depressed areas or in developing countries
Асоциация за развитие на планинските общини в Република България (Association for Development of Mountain Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria) (Bulgaria)
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23 Tvardishki Prohod Str.; Floor 3; Office 10-11 - 1404 Sofia Bulgaria

0035928185850 0035928185859

Type: No Profit (Nfp-Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2006

Legal Representative: Tchavdar Roussev

The Association is established in the middle of 2006 by the initiative group consisting of local government representatives, business sector and other persons for solution of problems concerning heavier climate, economic and social conditions that the mountain municipalities have to develop in. The objective of the Association is, by active involvement in the European integration process to be achieved a balanced and sustainable economic development of these municipalities. The decision for participation of the municipality in ADMMRB is taken by the municipal council. It appoints also its representatives in ADMMRB. The structure and activity of the ADMMRB are regulated by its Charter.
Cantiere Giovani ONLUS Cooperativa Sociale (Cantiere Giovani ONLUS Social Cooperative) (Italy)
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Via Xxxi Maggio, 22 - 80027 Frattamaggiore (Na) Italy

+39 0818328076 +39 0818328076

Type: No Profit (Social Cooperative) Year of Foundation: 2001

Legal Representative: Elisa Cuenca Tamariz

Main aim of Cantiere Giovani is the promotion of a respectful behavior towards the other people and the perception of all differences as resource and opportunity to exchange ideas. Cantiere Giovani Is fostering new socio-cultural and educational opportunities at a local, national and international level. The purpose is to bring out the best in young people, especially that with fewer opportunities : give them the opportunity to develop skills, take part to life-changing experiences, provide them with tools to realize their ambitions and hopes.
Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County) (Hungary)
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Széchenyi Str.2. - 4400 Nyíregyháza Hungary

+36 42 416 074 +36 42 311 750

Type: No Profit (Chamber) Year of Foundation: 1994

Legal Representative: Mr. László Pekó, President

During its operation the chamber lays special emphasis on the fact that it would perform the duties stipulated in the Act CXXI of 1999 on economic chambers at high professional level, thus contributing to the economic development, organization, to maintain the honesty of the market attitude and to represent the common, joint interests of those pursuing business activities.
Cooperativa Sociale C & C Onlus (C & C Onlus) (Italy)
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Via Carmine 20 - 81016 Piedimonte Matese Italy

3486531188 0810483864

Type: No Profit (Onlus - No Profit Organization) Year of Foundation: 2009

Legal Representative: Davide Cinotti

Spread the culture of solidarity and social dignity
Dentro l’Europa (In Europe) (Italy)
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Via Zuretti N 2 - 71121 Foggia Italy

0881889040 0881330365

Type: No Profit (Non Profit Organisation) Year of Foundation: 2004

Legal Representative: Michele Ferrara

In Europe is a non profit organisation, was founded in 1998, established in order to promote the interests of young people locally, nationally and internationally and to create the conditions for youth participation in social, artistic, cultural and economic life, focusing on increasing the education, culture, civilization and promoting European values among young people. To create social networks and communication channels between populations from various European states animated by shared values, ideas and interests. To contribute to the study, preservation, presentation and promotion of cultural peculiarities of the people of Europe. To contribute to the cultivation of local art, theater, music and dance traditions of the people of Europe
Change Agents UK (United Kingdom)
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Oakham Railway Station - Le15 6Qt Oakham United Kingdom

01572 723419 01572725830

Type: No Profit (Not For Profit) Year of Foundation: 1996

Legal Representative: Nick Goodman

We are a not for profit organisation creating a network of change agents; people empowered to live and work in a way that makes a positive impact on the world around them.
CNIPA Puglia (Italy)
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Corso Italia 19/C (Scala A) - 70123 Bati Italy

39.080.524.7803 39.080.524.7803

Type: No Profit (Training Centre) Year of Foundation: 1995

Legal Representative: Giovanni Bochicchio

The Vocational and Educational Training Centre C.N.I.P.A. Apulia (Italy) was born in 1995, from the inspiration of its President, Attilio Di Turi, of satisfying the training needs in the Apulia territory, by combining multiple professional experiences of human resources (coming out from the most significant productive sectors of the Apulia Region), with the requirements of the regional operative plans, in particular with the Training-Working services, implemented to encourage the development of the territory. Shaping itself as a historic Training Organisation, it has been carried-out important projects, throughout time, and has opened new working perspectives for many of its students, while maintaining an organizational and strategic structure in the whole region. As a matter of fact, today it counts 6 prestigious headquarters, from Salento to Capitanata, and it is carrying out multiple training projects, approved through assessment of its merits in approved lists of Public Calls, for structural funding that the Apulia Region Authorities, The Ministry of Labor, The National LLP Agency and different Province Authorities provide to the territory, out of the European Social Fund, in order to achieve the policy objectives set by the Lisbon Strategy Plan up to the current 2020 Planning of the European Union. The C.N.I.P.A. Apulia’s vision is to approach Apulia Region to Europe, through upgrading, training and professional qualification programmes, which, by following the Europe 2020 objectives, will allow apulian citizens to become European citizens as well.
Stichting Commundo (Commundo (foundation)) (Netherlands)
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Regentesselaan 24B - 3818 Hj Amersfoort Netherlands

0334621233 0334621233

Type: No Profit (Volunteer Organisation (Sending To Developing Countries)) Year of Foundation: 2001

Legal Representative: J.g.e. Van Wijk

We want to connect people from the Netherlands with people from (developing) countries in order to develop themselves and others by doing volunteer work. The participants gain more knowledge, understanding and share energy and thoughts by working together.
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Vasile Carlova Street No.24 - 300315 Timisoara Romania

0040356453121 0040356816533

Type: No Profit (Cpip Is A Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Institution Active In The Educational And Social Field.) Year of Foundation: 2005

Legal Representative: Rodica Pana

The Center for promoting lifelong learning – CPIP is a non-governmental, non-profit institution active in the educational and social field.Our vision is a European one. Education overcomes the borders of scholarly age and training is a lifestyle that goes beyond the walls of a specialized institution. With this in mind, the CPIP team promotes a fundamental concept for our existence as specialists active in European costruction: lifelong learning. Our mission is to bring forward the concept of lifelong learning and make it accessible to the communities with which we come into contact. In this way, we can contribute to the development and implementation of coherent policies in the field of education and professional training starting from data based on practical evidence.
Rinascita Società Cooperativa Sociale (Rinascita Social Cooperative) (Italy)
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Via Dante, 145 - 73043 Copertino (Le) Italy

+39 083948879 +39 083948879

Type: No Profit (Social Cooperative) Year of Foundation: 1999

Legal Representative: Mr. Antonio Palma

Rinascita was created to pursue the interest of the community for the human promotion and the social integration of the citizens through several activities – industrial, commercial, services – with the specific aims to hire people with fewer opportunities and to create meaningful connections between those people and their community.
Cooperativa Sociale I.So.La. - Iniziative di Soldarietà e Lavoro (Social Cooperative I.So.La. - Solidarity and Work Initiatives) (Italia)
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Via Fratelli Vasco, 6/B - 10124 Torino Italia

003901119834117 00390114150706

Type: No Profit (Cooperative) Year of Foundation: 1995

Legal Representative: Juan Manuel Saavedra Cagliari

I.So.La. is a social cooperative that manages two Fair Trade shops in Torino (I), “Equamente” and “Casa Wiwa”, respectively since 1995 and 2003. A part of its activities is realized directly (through job recruitment, scholarships, etc.) and indirectly (through support to other social cooperatives) through the work placement of so called "socially disadvantaged" people (disabled, former prisoners and/or persons followed by Social Services in general), too. I.So.La. proposes in its two outlets several Fair Trade food and non-food products and many other so-called "zero kilometer" commodities , i.e. products realized by local farmers who are not only technically able to produce healthy foods, but also aim to establish through their work inclusive social relationships and a balanced connection with nature. In its careful selection of products for sale, a great attention is paid to the local level for the social links that are created: positive relationships, trust and esteem that arise are a source of security for the consumers, in addition to the certification of organic farming of many products for sale. I.So.La. then puts attention to involve the smallest local enterprises, to create local jobs and widespread support in favour of those organizations that would be marginalized by the large retail chains. Concern for the environment is also materialized in the proposed purchase of detergents on tap, objects and Fair Trade bags made of vegetable fiber, products for personal hygiene with low environmental impact, solar energy powered items and renewable resources for the building industry, filters for water, as well as renewable materials to be used in house maintenance, as a way for saving money and resources. Quality bulk products (flour, rice, bread, pasta, cereals and legumes in particular) are available at the stores and by order. In this work the Cooperative I.So.La. tries to combine the thoroughness of a commercial project with the demands of social solidarity, mainly employing disadvantaged people and giving creative responses to the more usual market logic.
Ευρωπαϊκό Ινστιτούτο Πολιτισμού και Εκπαίδευσης (European Institute for Education and Culture) (Greece)
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Akadimias 91 - 10677 Athens Greece

00302103810430 00000000000000

Type: No Profit (Not For Profit Company) Year of Foundation: 2003

Legal Representative: Soultana Lampropoulou

The European Institute for Education and Culture (EIPE) is a Non Profit Company created from people interested on the European Integration aiming to promote European Citizenship and European values and to support relevant activities.
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San Juan S/N, Muskiz, Spain - 48550 Muskiz Spain

0034946706045 00346706052

Type: No Profit (Centro Formacion Somorrostro (Cfs) Is An Educational Center Providing Secondary Education, Vocational Education And Training: Intermediate Vocational Training Considered As Vet And Advanced Vocational Training Considered As Higher Education.) Year of Foundation: 1947

Legal Representative: Juan Manuel Seco Escartín

Centro de Formación Somorrostro (CFS) is a VOCATIONAL EDUCATION TRAINING CENTRE created in 1947 and provides secondary education, secondary and higher vocational education, Initial Vocational Training and training for unemployed and active persons. The center offers a wide range of qualifications in the following fields: Machining; Industrial maintenance, repair and operations; Automotive maintenance; Electricity and Electronics; Information Technology; Safety and environment; Construction and civil engineering; Social services to the Community; Management and Marketing. CFS has more than 4.000 students and employs around 190 professionals being the largest VET organisation in the province of Bizkaia and the second in the Region of the Basque Country. The centre occupies and area of 60.000 square meters comprising 9 buildings being 8.210 square meters dedicated to specific workshops and laboratories. CFS has agreements with more than 600 companies per year allowing the hosting of students in their workplaces for training periods, and also for the provision of training courses to their staff. In addition, it acts as an intermediary between job seekers and companies managing more than 1.000 job offers in 2013. Since the end of 2013 CFS shares international job offers from the Eures network.
Élményakadémia Közhasznú Egyesület (Academy of Experience) (Hungary)
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Leonardo Da Vinci U. 44. Ii.em.23. - 1082 Budapest Hungary

+36 70 632 6979 +36 70 632 6979

Type: No Profit (Non Governmental Organisation) Year of Foundation: 2005

Legal Representative: Juhasz Zsuzska

Our mission is to inspire, empower and support youth to take responsibility in their lives and their community: be involved and involve others, and be initiative. Our target group is teenagers, young adults and volunteers or professionals who are working with them. We put special emphasis to reach and involve youth with less opportunities: those dropping out of the school system, unemployed, living in geographically and socially disadvantaged regions.
EuroKey Services (Spain)
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Cn 340 Km 184 Edf Panorama Local D - 29600 Marbella Spain

+34 686978496 +34 952923868

Type: No Profit (Intermediary Partner) Year of Foundation: 2013

Legal Representative: Kaan Esen

We, as an Intermediary Organization, are a central source of all the information needed to develop successfully the objectives of the stakeholders, on policies and procedures which support the Erasmus for VET Programme and others. Our goal is to facilitate exchange of experiences, learning and networking for EU students and Staff, through periods of time spent at companies in other EU Member States or exchanging experiences in different vocational schools with other students and teachers. We cooperate with a wide range of Spanish companies and training institutions which cover different professional sectors such as Health Care, Education, Engineering, Biology, Tourism and Hospitality, Cookery and Gastronomy, Handcraft, Electric and Electronics, Marketing and Commerce, Aesthetic Medicine and Beauty Treatments and many others. Our company is able to provide a full assistance to its partners by offering to beneficiaries all the necessary services:
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Via Paolo Veronese 202 - 10148 Torino Italia

00390113841531 00390113841583

Type: No Profit (No Profit Social Enterprise) Year of Foundation: 1986

Legal Representative: Cinzia Policastro

Stranaidea is a social cooperative type A with the mission to pursue the general interest of the community of human promotion and social inclusion of the citizens throughout the implementation of social, health and educational services. Stranaidea has defined its own mission starting from a shared style of social work, that constitute a common base of identification between members of the society and workers. This style is declined in the following assumptions: the Resources intended in the widest way meaning of richness of the enterprise, of the persons and of their capacity to communicate, to describe themselves and operate in a point of view of organised growth; the Abilities, intended as continuous capacity to activate competences of management and of global evaluation of the processes that give sense to the life and the development of the cooperative; the support to the Community, recognizing the autonomy of the individuals and of the groups, in their differences, promoting connexions with every involved actor, inside and outside of the communication context of the organisation.
Prensa Juvenil Canaria (Canary International and Volunteering Youth Media Association) (España)
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Plaza De La Constitución, Número 9B - 35530 Teguise España

636391205 636391205


Type: No Profit (Organización No Gubernamental) Year of Foundation: 1984

Legal Representative: Francisco Parrilla Delgado

We are a plural, supporting, democratic and independent non-governmental organization politically and religiously seen since 1984, Canary Youth media is based on the Children Rights Convention, that was begun on November 20th 1989 and verified by law on November 30th 1990, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, International , National and independent associations that deal with the minimum United Nation justice, protection and comfort laws of the young. Our objective is to motivate the young to take part on group or individual social activities so as to enhance the progress of their community. Therefore, this will help them develop social leadership by volunteering, artistic expression and political events to name some examples. In addition, it will enable positive changes around them inspiring others to be part of it, starting a word of mouth process that will cause transforming real changes involving and including everyone.
Сдружение „Фокус – Европейски център за развитие“ (Association “Focus – European center for development”) (Bulgaria)
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4400 Pazardjik, Street Svoboda 5 Fl.6, Ap.24 - 4400 Pazardjik Bulgaria

00359899081909 0035934901717

Type: No Profit (Association - Private - Non Profit) Year of Foundation: 2010

Legal Representative: Ivaylo Ivanov

Association “Focus - European Center for Development "- Pazardjik was founded as a non-profit organization. The Association “Focus –European Center for Development “ is EVS accredited NGO to host and send volunteers from all over the world. Aims: 1. To create a European community of pupils, teachers and parents in the territory of Pazardjik and surrounding that will support the idea of social integration and professional development of adolescents; 2. To implement trainings and experiments about public interest in different problems cooperating with the local authorities. 3. To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among the public in order to stimulate social cohesion in the European Union. 4. To encourage public participation in social life and to strengthen the links between local groups, schools, businesses and municipal authorities. 5. To stimulate youth involvement in the activities related to personal and social development. 6. To carry out active work for sustainable social development and democratic principles in a civil society. 7. To organize activities and events, to restore and improve the quality of the environment. 8. To improve the welfare of disabled people - their acceptance and socialization in their families, among peers, colleagues, friends and among the middle part of the community in which they live. 9. To provide an environment where the youth with disabilities will be involved in the activities for their future development.. 10. To prohibit negative social phenomena’s spreading among the youth environment, such as: crime, aggression, addiction, prostitution, xenophobia etc. Activities: 1. Educational activities - seminars, conferences, training trips, workshops, joint appearances and public awareness of the history and development and achievements of the association. Helping students and parents to improve communication and teamwork. Support specialists associated with the integration of children with special educational needs. 2. Provide an international partnership and cooperation with the organizations from other countries and from Bulgaria. 3. Developing projects related to the objectives of the association. 4. Prepare training programs for its members. 5. Research activities. 6. Public campaigns - developing local policies and strategies based on thorough analysis of needs of target groups. 7. Volunteering.
Fondazione Notari (Notari Foundation) (Italy)
partner logo

Via Bordighera 36 - 20142 Milano Italy

39 02 5811 1812 39 02 7862 5723

Type: No Profit (Education Centre) Year of Foundation: 1999

Legal Representative: Alberto Klein

Develop activities in the area of adult education and development of specialized training services, planning and managing courses finances by private companies and the Lombardy Regional Government.
ECOS - Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, CRL (ECOS - Cooperative of Education, Cooperation and Development, CRL) (Portugal)
partner logo

Passeio "Este Livro Que Vos Deixo" Lote 18, R/C Esq - 8000-536 Faro Portugal

00351 966669345 00351 289800098

Type: No Profit (Non-Governmental Organisation/ Association/Social Enterprise) Year of Foundation: 2010

Legal Representative: Bruno António

ECOS - Cooperativa de Educação Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, CRL, have has it main goal of action the promotion of non-formal education for social inclusion. Vision: Through our activities, we try to contribute to the development of a more human, sustainable, fair, inclusive, participative, democratic, equitable, solidaire, cooperative, dialogical, diverse and integrated society. Our Mission is to contribute to the development, nurturing learning, the construction of trust bonds and fruitful alliances among social actors, entrepreneurs and institutions (through dialogue and cooperation) and articulating agendas of action. Intervention axes Our scope of intervention will be done around the following axes: 1. Creation of spaces for structured dialogue, cooperation and collective construction among diverse social, business and institutional actors; 2. Promotion, design, implementation and evaluation of playful, educational, social, cultural and sustainable development projects, in formal and non‐formal spaces, through non‐formal education, always in a way that it complements formal education and contributes to lifelong learning; 3. Development of organizations capacity to do a more efficient management of their resources and projects through training and new technologies of information and communication; 4. Monitoring, support, assessment and consultancy to individuals, organizations, institutions and respective educational programmes and social intervention projects; 5. Promotion, recognition and validation of non‐formal education and other alternative pedagogical methodologies that contribute to social transformation.
Formatus - Associação para a Formação individual e Integração Profissional (Formatus - AFIIP) (00351)
partner logo

Rua Praça Do Outeiro, Loja 15 - 010 7300 00351

245906192 00000

Type: No Profit (Association In The Youth And Cultural Field) Year of Foundation: 2006

Legal Representative: Ana Paula Da Luz Constantino

The Formatus - Association for Individual Training and Professional Integration has the primary purpose of meeting needs in training, recovery and regional development and develop people skills through formal and non-formal activities. The high rate of unemployment, little professional / personal training and entrepreneurial spirit somewhat inhibit regional population growth, as such, Formatus wants to change these concepts driving their efforts in order to stimulate and promote its development. The main aims of the association: -Promote Education / training as an inalienable right of the population in general, understood as an instrument of empowerment that allows continuously promote personal development, cultural and social cohesion and civic participation; -Establish Exchanges with associations, universities and national or foreign pursuing the same goals organisms; -to Promote, in conjunction with other public and private entities, the inclusion of people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged groups -Supporting children, youth and families while also promoting social and community integration, -Supporting children, youth and families while also promoting social and community integration, -Implementation of educational and preventive responses dropout and social exclusion of children and young people from vulnerable socio-economic contexts of the region to Portalegre. -Develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union.
ASD Gruppo Sportivo Arpi Pattinatori Foggia (ASD Arpi Skaters Club of Foggia (South of Italy)) (Italy)
partner logo

Via Natale D'agostino, 16 - 71122 Foggia Italy

0039 0881 310595 0039 0881 310595

Type: No Profit (Sport Field) Year of Foundation: 1994

Legal Representative: Vito Antonio Turchiarelli

The purpose of this organization is to promote the sport culture trough the roller skating .
partner logo

37 Rue Labottiere - 33000 Bordeaux France

+33 556 01 31 70 +33 556 52 37 76

Type: No Profit (Non-Profit Adult Training Organisation) Year of Foundation: 1978

Legal Representative: Bernard Garrigou, Director

Since its creation in 1978, INSUP FORMATION has grown and developed into one of the leaders in vocational training in the South West of France. Founded as a non-profit organisation, our emphasis is placed on adult and youth vocational training or re-training in the tertiary sector.
Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" (Green Elephant Foundation) (Poland)
partner logo

Struga 63 - 20-709 Lublin Poland

+48 792 573 548 -----

Type: No Profit (Foundation) Year of Foundation: 2012

Legal Representative: Jacek Rębacz

The Green Elephant Foundation / Fundacja "Zielony Słoń" designs and implements projects aimed to create unique educational results and products. Based on skills and experience of our staff we organize unique training courses for other educators, which is our priority. Although we can provide as well educational events and trainings to youths and adult learners. We often develop our services with use of European funds such as Erasmus Plus and other grants. Apart from the project we develop domestic initiatives in area of literacy. We promote and support reading, collect and protect books, promote valuable cultural heritage. We are also the only foundation supported by the novel writer Jacek Rebacz. We are involved in several projects financed under Erasmus Plus programme. Our main area of activity is non-formal education of youths and adults as well as senior people. We specialize particularly in providing of training events for trainers, youth workers, educators. We also create international partnerships, write project proposals and submit them to certain calls in order to obtain a grant to finance our project initiatives. Our team has accomplished a number of projects in area of non-formal education and cultural awareness financed under European Lifelong Learning programme.
Asociația Inițiative și Proiecte pentru Tineret Imago Mundi (Imago Mundi Association) (Romania)
partner logo

Commune Of Mălureni, District Of Argeș, Romania - 117 445 Mălureni Romania

0040746099384 0348411003

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2008

Legal Representative: Dedu Constantin

The goal of our association is youth’s participation in projects and initiatives that support the economic, cultural and social development of the community they come from, the responsible exploitation of the human resources and of the youth’s potential.
Carpe Diem (Croatia)
partner logo

Vrbanićev Perivoj - 47000 Karlovac Croatia

0038547422347 0038547422347

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2005

Legal Representative: Aleksandra Podrebarac, Marko Petančić

Mission: Improve the quality of life, contribution to the community and development with emphasize on development of human resources and capacity of civil society. Aim: Improve the quality of life, contribute to the society and encourage and develop creative and social potentials of children, youth and adults.
Asociatia Il Giocattolo (Romania)
partner logo

Bradet Bl 14 Ap. 9 - Anina - 325100 Anina Romania

0521637521 003905211852690

Type: No Profit (Social Ed Education) Year of Foundation: 2010

Legal Representative: Farina Gianluca

Education children
SIW Internationale Vrijwilligersprojecten (SIW International Voluntary Projects) (Netherlands)
partner logo

Willemstraat 7 - 3511 Rj Utrecht Netherlands

0302317721 0302317721

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 1953

Legal Representative: Robin Van Leijen

SIW International Volunteer projects is a Dutch non-profit organisation facilitating international interaction and intercultural exchange. For over 60 years, SIW has received many international volunteers in various projects in the Netherlands, while Dutch volunteers have been sent to numerous projects around the world. SIW was established after the big flood in 1953 by three students. More than one hundred international volunteers participated in work camps to help in the disaster areas. The students started sending young people to projects in the Netherlands and around the world from their attic. Since then, SIW has evolved into an organisation with three paid staff members, a head office in the heart of Utrecht and an international network of volunteers. SIW is part of a network of partner organisations in approximately 70 countries, enabling us to offer a large number of diverse projects. The Dutch projects are organized together with Staatsbosbeheer and Natuurmonumenten; foundations committed to preserving a sizeable amount of Dutch nature reserves. SIW strives to achieve the following objectives: - facilitating international interaction and intercultural exchange - stimulating cultural and social work - enabling our volunteers' self-actualization
INFORP (Italy)
partner logo

2 Via Arte Del Ferro - 71043 Manfredonia (Foggia) Italy

+39 0884.532.340 +39 0884.516.701

Type: No Profit (Training Centre) Year of Foundation: 2006

Legal Representative: Marco Guerra

Our aim is to promote the training and the high-professionalism culture at local, national and global context characterized by the complexity of the systems and by the heterogeneity of knowledge; where the competitiveness of a territory is determined by the investment in human resources and by the ability of a continuous adaptation to those which are defined as labor market requirements. Inside this scenario, the “tools box” (knowledge, technical-professional skills and cross-cutting competences) which each individual carries with him, becomes heritage to be promoted and resources to be improved. INFORP becomes carrier of these ideas, by using a team of young competent and tight-knit professionals, who work in training and for the training field.
IQ Roma servis, o.s. (IQ Roma service) (Czech Republic)
partner logo

Vranovská 846/45 - 61400 Brno Czech Republic

+420 543 213 310 +420 543 214 809

Type: No Profit (Non-Govermental Organisation (Pro-Roma Organisation)) Year of Foundation: 1997

Legal Representative: Katarína Klamková

Vision: We want a world where true and friendly relationships between Roma and majority people exist – a world in which Roma will naturally hold dignified social roles with respect to their culture and nationality Mission: To be an intermediary who: supports possibilities, opportunities and resolutions of Roma on their way of individual growth and social fulfilment and protects their rights and dignity within the wide society. Strategic Goals: 1 → Increase the educational success of Roma children and youth 2 → Increase employability and employment of Roma 3 → Increase parental competences of families with children in need 4 → Sustainable and affordable housing for active clients (families) 5 → Reduce over-indebtedness among clients 6 → Increase a positive image, pride and civic engagement of Roma 7 → Be strong influential independent NGO with sustainable revenue
IYNF - International Young Naturefriends (Czech Republic)
partner logo

Senovazne Nam. 24 - Cz-110 00 Prague Czech Republic

+420 234 621 573 +420 234 621 574

Type: No Profit (Iynf Is An International Organisation Bringing Together Young Naturefriends And Their Organisations Across Europe.) Year of Foundation: 1975

Legal Representative: Sarka Bambasova

The mission of IYNF is to connect and inspire Young Naturefriends all over the world for living values of respect, solidarity, equality, sustainability, and love and care for nature.
Asociación Jóvenes hacia la Solidaridad y el Desarrollo (JOVESOLIDES) (Youth towards Solidarity and Development Association (JOVESOLIDES)) (Spain)
partner logo

C/ Silla, 10 - 46980 Paterna (Valencia) Spain

0034963632563 0034963632563

Type: No Profit (Association) Year of Foundation: -

Legal Representative: Lourdes Mirón Mirón

Jovesolides is a supportive and participatory movement focused on young people formed by local associations with common goals as an association of associations of different countries of Latin America, Spain and Morocco. We are promoting youth leadership for the development of communities involved in migration topics, through creating opportunities with their community involvement. Our constitution as organization was another step in the consolidation of an international youth movement articulated in an equality and interaction in order to modify the type of North­South relations, and to become aware of the presence of the South in the North since the migration and co­development. This structure invites to build international networks of cooperative work on immigration issues, community development, youth leadership as a change in strategy, in addition to processes of social entrepreneurship and innovation.
Сдружение „Фокус – Европейски център за развитие“ (Association “Focus – European center for development”) (Bulgaria)
partner logo

4400 Pazardjik, Street Svoboda 5 Fl.6, Ap.24 - 4400 Pazardjik Bulgaria

00359899081909 0035934901717

Type: No Profit (Association - Private - Non Profit) Year of Foundation: 2010

Legal Representative: Ivaylo Ivanov

Association “Focus - European Center for Development \\\"- Pazardjik was founded as a non-profit organization. The Association “Focus –European Center for Development “ is EVS accredited NGO to host and send volunteers from all over the world. Aims: 1. To create a European community of pupils, teachers and parents in the territory of Pazardjik and surrounding that will support the idea of social integration and professional development of adolescents; 2. To implement trainings and experiments about public interest in different problems cooperating with the local authorities. 3. To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among the public in order to stimulate social cohesion in the European Union. 4. To encourage public participation in social life and to strengthen the links between local groups, schools, businesses and municipal authorities. 5. To stimulate youth involvement in the activities related to personal and social development. 6. To carry out active work for sustainable social development and democratic principles in a civil society. 7. To organize activities and events, to restore and improve the quality of the environment. 8. To improve the welfare of disabled people - their acceptance and socialization in their families, among peers, colleagues, friends and among the middle part of the community in which they live. 9. To provide an environment where the youth with disabilities will be involved in the activities for their future development.. 10. To prohibit negative social phenomena’s spreading among the youth environment, such as: crime, aggression, addiction, prostitution, xenophobia etc. Activities: 1. Educational activities - seminars, conferences, training trips, workshops, joint appearances and public awareness of the history and development and achievements of the association. Helping students and parents to improve communication and teamwork. Support specialists associated with the integration of children with special educational needs. 2. Provide an international partnership and cooperation with the organizations from other countries and from Bulgaria. 3. Developing projects related to the objectives of the association. 4. Prepare training programs for its members. 5. Research activities. 6. Public campaigns - developing local policies and strategies based on thorough analysis of needs of target groups. 7. Volunteering.
Здружение за истражување, едукација и развој "Маркетинг Порта" (Association for research, education and development "Marketing Gate") (Macedonia)
partner logo

Sava Kovacevikj 47/1-30 - 1000 Skopje Macedonia

00 389 78 221 753 00 389 77 745 056

Type: No Profit (Non-Profit And Non-Governmental Organization) Year of Foundation: 2008

Legal Representative: Prof. Snezhana Ristevska - Jovanovska, Phd

Our vision is a world without economic borders, where the human right will be protect and any kind of discrimination will be eliminated. Our organization’s goals are: promoting friendship among youngsters and cross-border communications, providing knowledge for students and marginalized groups through non-formal education and connecting young people without reference to their nationality, religion, political, economic or social status.
Kayseri Valiligi Dis Iliskiler ve AB Koordinaysyon Merkezi (Foreign Relations and EU Coordination Center for Governorship of Kayseri) (Turkey)
partner logo

Cumhuriyet Meydanı Valilik Binası Oda No:130 - 38050 Kayseri Turkey

+90 3522319997 +90 3522319998

Type: No Profit (Regional Authortiy) Year of Foundation: 1923

Legal Representative: Dr. Yasemin Ozata Cetinkaya

To cooperate, train and support any kind of bodies in our region to prepare and implement projects, To foster te institutitonal capacity increasing at all levels through implementing projects, To promote networking and collaboration among the organizations in our region and in the World.
Observo Onlus (Italia)
partner logo

Via Della Martinica 121 - 00121 Rome Italia

0664671586 0664671586

Type: No Profit (No Profit Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2008

Legal Representative: Salvatore Fiaschi

Observo onlus is a no-profit NGO that, based on the tradition of social welfare born in England in the XIX century, aims at endorsing social and individual progress, through a wide range of actions, from gender balance to self-awareness promotion, anti-bullying and school-dropout prevention. Observo onlus (Basic observatory for the study, research and operative evaluation of social phenomena) deals with arising and established cultural and social issues working in collaboration with youth centres, schools and public entities. Based on these aims, Observo onus organizes cultural events, seminars, experts’ speech and training courses. The association is particularly active in the suburban areas of Rome, to sustain schools seen as a favorite viewpoint to prevent and analyze the outcomes of possible inner problems, favoring the future of youngsters as well as promoting actions in support of them. In terms of welfare and social support, Observo offers open and free of charge counseling to prevent youth distress, psychological help for children, adolescents and adults, helping with addictions such as drugs, alcohol and gambling, in collaboration with a team of expert lawyers, psychologists and counselors. At the same time, every year Observo arranges cultural activities, philosophy competition (for the fifth consecutive year), active citizenship seminars and extracurricular activities covering various disciplines, from Latin to IT. Lastly, Observo is constantly evolving thanks to the inclusion of multiple and heterogeneous members coming from the most diverse social contexts and willing to cooperate; such diversity leads to the yearly-renewed and eclectic activities, and the participation in many Call for proposals, both regional/national and international, on multiple topics, from third sector to innovation and science.
Fondazione Oltre il Labirinto Onlus (Italy)
partner logo

Via Botteniga 8 - 3100 Treviso Italy

+39 3409731125 0422 269793

Type: No Profit (Project Manager) Year of Foundation: 2009

Legal Representative: Mario Paganessi

Mission: To educate and serve children and adults with autism to help them achieve their highest level of independence in their home, school and community
Societatea pentru Tineret Outward Bound Romania (Outward Bound Romania) (Romania)
partner logo

Str. Gh. Doja 9/89 - 540015 Tîrgu-Mureș Romania

0040-265-250939 0040-265-250939

Type: No Profit (Outdoor Organisation) Year of Foundation: 1993

Legal Representative: Ádám Horváth-Kovács

To help people discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others, and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings.
СНЦ "Паралел-Силистра" (Parallel-Silistra) (Bulgaria)
partner logo

41 Dobrudja Str., Ent. B, Floor 3, Office 10 - 7500 Silistra Bulgaria

+359 888494077 +359 888494077

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: -

Legal Representative: Diana Bebenova

According to Article 2 of the Statute “the organisation is wide open to professionals, supporters and volunteers, working for community development in the fields of respect for human rights and gender equality, European integration and international cooperation, economic development and promoting economic activity, environmental protection, sustainable development and educational activities. “
P.E.CO. Progetti Europei di Cooperazione (P.E.CO. European Projects for Cooperation) (Italy)
partner logo

Via E.raggio 1/8 - 16124 Genova Italy

00393664166308 00393664166308

Type: No Profit (Associazione Di Promozione Sociale) Year of Foundation: 2013

Legal Representative: Mr Francesco Pescetto Cosentino

The motivation leading P.E.CO.’s volunteers to start this adventure is to give young people the opportunity to live international and educational experiences, starting from a context like the one in Genoa that is still unaware of youth mobility opportunities. Our projects revolve around the core values of sharing, intercultural learning and integration, because we do believe that encounter could enrich young participants and change for the better every citizens’ life.
Centrul Pro Comunitate (Pro Community Center) (Moldova)
partner logo

Blvd. Stefan Cel Mare, 124 - Md-2012 Chisinau Moldova

0037379547057 0037322260240

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2004

Legal Representative: Vitalie Postu

Consolidation of civil society in the Republic of Moldova by encouraging and assisting the community development initiatives Objectives: • Promotion of local community change and development • Promotion of community development values by communities and organizations • Improvement and adaptation of communities to the new tendencies and standards • Provision of knowledge and materials to communities and organizations • Leader’s and community actors’ initiatives support.
Фондация "П.У.Л.С." (PULSE Foundation) (Bulgaria)
partner logo

Sredec St. 2 - 2300 Pernik Bulgaria

0035976601010 0035976603360

Type: No Profit (Non-Governmental Organisation) Year of Foundation: 1999

Legal Representative: Ekaterina Veleva

Mission • To build healthy relations in the Bulgarian family • To foster an attitude of intolerance to violence in Bulgarian society, respect for personal dignity and suffering • To create accessible community services tailored to users’ needs • To enhance professionalism and standards in the field of psychosocial care Our goals: The priority of PULSE Foundation is to create and affirm effective regional care programs for children, adolescents, adults and their families who have suffered or are at risk of violence. The service offers two types of activities- prevention and rehabilitation. The first one refers to the existing attitudinal and institutional biases in cases of domestic violence and child abuse, and adopts an educational approach and planning for community facilities; The second one refers to identified cases of violence and adopts an individual and family approach. We consider the importance of providing crisis help in cases of acute violence before providing any family or individual care and treatment of trauma. In this connection, in 2008 PULSE opened a Crisis unit for emergency accommodation of clients after experiencing violence, and a protected home for a longer-term accommodation for clients on the way to change their life situation. An emphasize in our work is providing legal consultations and defence. We would like to facilitate the effective application of the Child Protection Act, the Domestic Violence Act and the Law Against Human Trafficking in Bulgaria.
Rato - Associação para a Divulgação Cultural e Científica (Rato - Association for the Cultural and Scientific Promotion) (Portugal)
partner logo

Rua Da Cordoaria, 53, 1 Dto, Cruz De Pau - 2845-054 Amora Portugal

00351933778414 00351212275684

Type: No Profit (Association) Year of Foundation: 2000

Legal Representative: Justyna Kukła

Rato - Association for Cultural and Scientific Promotion is a Portuguese organisation without profit intentions whose mission is centred on the stating of the society of information and emerging information and communication technologies. The modernisation of the methods and techniques of recollection, processing and dissemination of Information and Culture are a mean of democratisation of Knowledge. And it´s this democratisation which will sustain the integral development of the societies of information towards the societies of knowledge. Another strategic core element of Rato - ADCC is based on the global placement of contents associated with the Portuguese Speaking cultures, as an opposite to the prevalent anglo-saxonic media industry. Rato - ADCC is willing to be a spreader of information in Portuguese. This way, the primordial paths of activity are based on training, promotion and implementation of projects which are recurrent of the utilisation of the Computer and New Information Technologies' techniques and methodologies, being the creation of partnerships, with several agents and institutions of different regional levels, as the preferred vector of action. The fundamental factor for the achievement of this vision is Youth, as an engine of development of activities in this domain, but it must promote multilateral mechanisms of generational interactivity.Rato - ADCC is an open project, dynamic to new wills and ideas, in a democratic enrichment perspective of the organisation.
Associazione Recosol (Recosol association) (Italy)
partner logo

Via Gramsci 38 - 89042 Gioiosa Ionica Italy

00393933604769 00390964384025

Type: No Profit (No Profit Association) Year of Foundation: 2003

Legal Representative: Lorenzo Sola

Our organization has been working since 2003 upon the matter of solidarity and decentralized cooperation with poor countries. It was set up by some local representative of Carmagnola and oher small councils of the Region Piemonte, in Italy. After some ethics and solidarity trips in Latin America they decided to start looking over their boundaries; they understand that giving concrete aid to the "Third world",could also help next generations (our sons) living in a world without any economic or social difference. We think that together we can act better than alone and for this reason we work as a network. Nowadays our organization gathers up to 282 communities engaged in different cooperation projects. We cooperate with other networks of local authorities working on the issues of peace, solidarity, environment, civil rights, migration. We are currently working in many states of Africa and in Asia too, with cooperation and social programmes and development educational training. Our aim is to enhance the capacity in implementing local development focusing on sustainable environment, civili rights, migration. Since early 90s we have been working with local municipalities involved in local projects of immigrants welcoming. This actiontakes place in the South of Italy, in three small villages closed to the Ionic sea cost, Riace, Caulonia and Gioiosa Ionica. The first one became one of the best practices for a new way of welcoming people, where immigrant receive support in their new lives, being provided with accomodation, Italian language courses and workshops where they can learn a job. We try to disseminate this best practise among our network, communities, also organizing cultural events like "Riaceinfestival" ans "Lampedusa in festival". They are annual meetings for people interested in immigrants issues and for film-makers that compete with their personal viewof the meaning of immigration. Our association also promotes the work of immigrants through an e-commerce web site where fair trade products are sold directly to many Italian ethical puchasing groups. We also arrange visits of people who want to deepen the particular model of integration. In these years journalists, students, tourists visited our reality in Calabria
Associação Juvenil Rota Jovem (Rota Jovem - Youth Association) (Portugal)
partner logo

Largo Do Mercado, Edifício Rota Jovem - 2750 -431 Cascais Cascais Portugal

00351214862005 00351214862005

Type: No Profit (Youth Organization) Year of Foundation: 1992

Legal Representative: Gonçalo Aguiar

We are a youth association that promotes activities from young people to young people. •Our secret is to be an open door for new ideas, promoting opportunities for youngsters to accomplish their dreams and projects with the support of an experienced and enthusiastic organisation behind! Mission: To contribute for the promotion of na active citizenship within the community, with the intention of participation in the construction of a society, with more counsicouness citizens, socially engaged, participative and creative.
Latvijas Pieaugušo izglītības apvienība (Latvian Adult Education Association) (Latvia)
partner logo

Merķeļa 11 - Lv 1050 Rīga Latvia

+371 26178703 +371 26178703

Type: No Profit (Non Governmental Umbrella Organization For Adult Education Providers) Year of Foundation: 1993

Legal Representative: Sarmite Pilate

Latvian Adult Education Association is nongovernmental organization, which unites 60 juridical and physical entities – adult education institutions in Latvia. Latvian Adult Education Association is founded in 1993 and its goal is to promote development of non formal education system in Latvia, participate in creating life long learning policy and promote development of civil, democratic and well balanced society.
Sistem ve Jenererasyon Dernegi (System and Generation) (Turkey)
partner logo

Necatibey Caddesi 19/21 - 06430 Ankara Turkey

+90 533 425 5299 +90 312 230 5341

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2008

Legal Representative: Gurkan Akcaer

S&G: System and Generation Association was established in 2008. Our organization aims at making young people integrated with the society, encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them acquire knowledge and qualification, getting them know young people from different Cultures, empowering sympathy and tolerance, improving cooperation and encouraging European cooperation with young people, supporting the cooperation between the international institutions. System and Generation gets into the act about; increasing of economic growth, providing efficiency about increasing of production, sustaining the production, sustainability that cares socioeconomic needs and planning that analyse the problems, and also with the belief of projecting Process, considering co-working culture by reaching this target as the best way, combining the systems which made in EU and creativity of our citizens especially the youth. Our association has two web sites which are
Centro Libero Analisi e Ricerca CLAR (Free Research and Analisys Center) (Italia)
partner logo

Strada Della Bruciata 14/1 - 60019 Senigallia Italia

00390716609279 0039071660308

Type: No Profit (No Profit Legally Recognized Association) Year of Foundation: 1995

Legal Representative: Luca Serafini

Vocational Education and Training. EU cooperation projects.
Social Cooperative "Abilita" (Italy)
partner logo

Montebello Street, N. 15 - 71041 Carapelle (Foggia) Italy

390885781278 390885781278

Type: No Profit (Social Cooperative) Year of Foundation: 2005

Legal Representative: Mr. Michele Visconti

The Social Cooperative Abilita combines the working aspect with the social recovery of disadvantaged people, through work, as a suitable tool for their social reintegration. The Social Cooperative Abilita operates as a “bridge” company offering the possibility to reacquire manual/employment and relational skills. This approach is based on the belief that the employment is an important element for the construction of a life planning. The structured work, is not only for the acquisition of techniques or skills, but it is also based on proposals addressed to the individual as a whole. The aim is to create a local network in the field, in order to create the collaboration space between more service makers and associations, so that concrete strategies and answers to different needs can be identified.
Social Cooperative “SocialService” (Italy)
partner logo

Piersanti Mattarella Street, N. 12 - 71045 Orta Nova (Foggia) Italy

390885781278 390885781278

Type: No Profit (Social Cooperative) Year of Foundation: 2003

Legal Representative: Mr. Gerardo Consagro

The Social Cooperative “SocialService” was founded in 2003 in the name of Christian values. The “Social Service” performs personal services, of different types and nature, summarized in social and health, education and training services. The “SocialService” offers personal services in close collaboration with non-profit and private public organisations, in order to create a synergy for the facilitation of a concrete integration of every user and fight the social discrimination. It supports the local and healthcare Public Administration for the creation and the management of services, even in private form, increasingly calibrated to the subjective needs, especially addressed to the specific social fields that “SocialService” identifies as: mental and physical disabilities, children, elders, immigrants and people at risk of exclusion.
Sof Dağı Gençlik ve Spor Külübü (Sof Dağı Youth and Sport Association) (Turkey)
partner logo

Değirmiçem Mahallesi Ökkeş Bahri Caddesi No:34 Şehitkamil - 27090 Gaziantep/Gaziantep, Turkey Turkey

90 342 321 58 02 90 342 321 58 02

Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2005

Legal Representative: Mehmet Oktay

Sof Dağı Association was founded in 2005. Our main aim is to encourage the youngs to practice sport and participate in various social activities. Sof Dagi strongly ties non-formal educative activities with sport. We are working in different areas, such as sport activities, non-formal educative activities and active citizenship related activities. Sof Daği Association is a member of Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, Turkish Swimming Federation, and Turkish Modern Pentathlon Federation. We are board member of Turkish Water Polo Federation and Turkish Modern Pentathlon Federation. We are encouraging young people to socialize, to be more active and involve in active citizenship through sport. We provide our volunteers with swimming and diving lessons and challenge them to prove their skills in swimming tournaments.
Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation) (Deutschland)
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Chausseestraße 15 - 10115 Berlin Deutschland

00493043727730 00493043727739

Type: No Profit (Foundation) Year of Foundation: 2002

Legal Representative: Gerhard Seiler

The goal of the Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation) is to make people interested in the Internet and to support them with their steps into the digital world. We want them to become aware of the opportunities this digital medium offers and to make use of them. What we do - We help people to learn more about the Internet. - We support providers of public Internet Access Points in social institutions that enable people to use the Internet. - We address experts from politics, business and the academia who work on the digital integration theoretically and practically. We provide various data and information for their work and stimulate public and private efforts to bring the power of communications to under-served communities
the4Cs - Climate Change Community Champions (Uk)
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Windmill Hills Centre - Ne8 1Qb Gateshead Uk

0044 7903389207 0044 7903389207

Type: No Profit (Voluntary Registered Charity) Year of Foundation: 2011

Legal Representative: Charity Commission

Mission Statement: Educating on environmentally responsible and ethical living AIMS 1. To promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public by: A) the preservation, conservation and the protection of the environment and the prudent use of resources; B) the relief of poverty and the improvement of the conditions of life in socially and economically disadvantaged communities; C) the promotion of sustainable means of achieving economic growth and regeneration. 2. To advance the education of the public in subjects relating to sustainable development and the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment and to promote study and research in such subjects provided that the useful results of such study are disseminated to the public at large.
Сдружение "Международни инициативи за сътрудничество" (International Initiatives for Cooperation) (Bulgaria)
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1 Ekzarh Yosif Str. - 2760 Razlog Bulgaria

00359898522414 00359 747 80945

Type: No Profit (Non-Governmental Organization) Year of Foundation: 2003

Legal Representative: Kostadinka Todorova

Association IIC is an organisation founded by persons concerned by strengthening the civil society in Bulgaria. The organisation works to enhance the active participation of local community in all forms of local governance and the decision making process with the purpose to improve the social and economic development of the country. It puts a special focus on development of education and culture projects, promotion of non-formal and informal education, etc. It develops innovative forms of social inclusion or various target groups.
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Elaiochorion - 26500 Dytiki Achaia - Patras Ellada

302610341472 3062610341472

Type: No Profit (Kedivim ( Center For Life Long Learning Activities)) Year of Foundation: 1996

Legal Representative: Christos Giannakopoulos

Core perspective of the institution is to serve the reciprocal and critical consciousness of all involved in the life long learning voyage respecting the multiple roles and social status of the adults in relation to that; unemployed or employed/ retired, parents or educators all symbolic representatives from a broader scope of cultures and lifestyles. In order this to be realized, awareness of the ‘need’ is in the core of the practices taking part; either of skills development (short Training Plannings and Courses on demand) or / and through the critical human exchange of ideas and values reflective process (as citizens of a democratic milieu) by applying Adult Education action research procedures [formative and responding evaluation]. Non formal educational activities are basically implemented by the cultural department CYCLISIS based on FILM seminars and peer mentoring strategies.
ΚΥΚΛΗΣΙΣ (CYCLISIS) (Ellada ( Greece ))
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Korinthou 337 - 26222 Patras Ellada ( Greece )

302610341472 3062610341472

Type: No Profit (Adult Education Center) Year of Foundation: 2007

Legal Representative: Zacharias Terzakis

Cyclisis is an independent non-profit institution activated in the field of Education, Culture and Environment, located in the suburbs of Patras. We are an active player in European and Greek national level focusing on the promotion of intercultural awareness through research and pr
vernon community college (yes) (United Kingdom)
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Vernon House 18 Frair Lane - Ng1 6Dq Nottinngham United Kingdom

00441159414967 00441159414967

Type: No Profit (Education) Year of Foundation: 20011

Legal Representative: Ayaz Ahmed

Work in partnership to deliver high quality education and training for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce’ Our Mission has guided the College to its current success. Our new Vision Plan seeks to broaden the definition of student success beyond qualification success rates to a defined holistic approach. world-class learning enterprise, leading the way, transcending borders & transforming and enriching lives Pioneering innovative approaches to education and training Inspiring ambition and co-creating sustainable futures with individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and communities Serving our diverse stakeholder communities with pride and passion An influential organisation, recognised for excellence locally, nationally and internationally The Vision builds on our strengths and the ambitions of our internal and external stakeholders. It recognises that the world around us is changing and that we must embrace new ideas and respond positively in order to continue to serve our communities. The Vision also recognises that our traditional business and financial models may no longer sustain the distinctiveness of our provision and services, which contribute so much to student success. Therefore we will become more entrepreneurial and enterprising, flexible and innovative while maintaining our wider social mission.
Patronatul Tinerilor Intreprinzatori din Romania (Young Entrepreneurs Association from Romania) (Romania)
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30, Spatarului Street - 020776 Bucharest Romania

0040318241592 0040318241592

Type: No Profit (Ngo, Having As Members Smes) Year of Foundation: 2005

Legal Representative: Iuliana Postaru

The Young Entrepreneurs Association from Romania (YEAR) is the only organization that represents at national and European level the interest of its members, young entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 40 years. YEAR’s members can be only SMEs owned by young people.
The Yellow House (United Kingdom)
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Il Palazzo - L2 0Rd Liverpool United Kingdom

00441513739728 00441513739728

Type: No Profit (Registered Charity) Year of Foundation: 1986

Legal Representative: Peter Jones

The Yellow House is committed to the social and emotional well-being and development of young people. Yellow House young people promote tolerance and concern for others, understanding and acceptance of difference in others - and build self - confidence and self-esteem in those who have been neglected or under-valued. Activities target those who are normally excluded or considered hard to reach, particularly those with social, environmental, physical or learning disadvantages. Yellow House takes a holistic approach to working with excluded young people. Working on a daily basis providing a safe secure environment for those young people normally excluded from decision making enabling them to participate in all aspects of community life, including employment or further education as well as offering young people the opportunity to participate in major projects not only to develop their own social and personal skills but also to develop as active citizens in today’s world. We offer a safety net for young people who have fallen through the regular and statutory organisations at a vital time of their development, introducing them to new ideas, people, organisations and skills, to life, theatre, art, music, literature, travel, friendship, debate, discussions. Yellow House works in schools and with local youth agencies on anti-name calling and anti-bullying and diversity workshops and then offers young people a place in Yellow House free from such name calling and bullying, alongside other young people from around Merseyside and from different cultural and diverse backgrounds to create an atmosphere of trust, honesty and developing together. Yellow House is a vitally important support organisation in today’s world between childhood and maturity, between school (especially Special Educational Needs School) and employment or FE, between isolation, loneliness and friendship, where you can feel free to choose your own path and receive support (not ridicule or criticism) to make your own decisions.
ΕΣΥ ΣΤΗΝ ΕΥΡΩΠΗ (You in Europe) (Greece)
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Panagia Koryfini Area - 63200 Nea Moudania Greece

00306072157784 00302373065792

Type: No Profit (Non Profit Company) Year of Foundation: 2012

Legal Representative: Grigoris Kyriakou

The purpose of the company is to contribute to the deepening of understanding, solidarity, communication, cultural, social, athletic and economic rapprochement of the people of Europe, particularly of the European Union. To create social networks and communication channels between populations from various European states animated by shared values, ideas and interests. To cultivate bonds with groups of countries that have historical, artistic and spiritual bonds with Greece. To contribute to the study, preservation, presentation and promotion of cultural peculiarities of the people of Europe. To contribute to the cultivation of local art, theater, music and dance traditions of the people of Europe. To contribute to the study of local dialects, linguistic diversity and literary production of the people of Europe. To promote the concept of volunteering and social solidarity. To contribute in every possible means to social inclusion, economic and cultural improvement of disadvantaged population groups, such as women, children, immigrants, the poor, the disabled and the disadvantaged groups in general population of European countries. To ensure the promotion of gender equality
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Victoriei Street, No 84 - 205100 Bailesti România

0755921025 0755921025


Type: No Profit (Ngo) Year of Foundation: 2014

Legal Representative: Alexandru Vladoi

Youth Revival Association is a new born non-governmental and non-profit organisation which was established in order to promote the interests of young people locally, nationally and internationally and to create the conditions for youth participation in social, artistic, cultural and economic life, focusing on increasing the education, culture, civilization and promoting European values among young people.


Autoritatea Nationala pentru Calificari - ANC (Romanian National Qualifications Authority) (Romania)
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1-3, Valter Maracineanu Square, Entry B, 2Nd Floor, Room 164-166, 1St District - 010155 Bucharest Romania

+40 21 313 00 50 +40 21 313 00 53

Type: Institutions (Public Institution) Year of Foundation: 2011

Legal Representative: Nicolae Postavaru

Art Institute “Federico II - Stupor Mundi” in Corato (Italy)
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Teano Street - 70033 Corato (Ba) Italy

39 - 080.8721764 39 - 080.8722529

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1960

Legal Representative: Prof. Nunzia Tarantini

The State Art Institute of Corato was born with the intent to transfer to the future generations, ancient artisan skills related to woodworking, pottery and then metals/goldsmith. The school is constantly committed to adequate the study paths to the real needs of the labor market, uniting the value of ancient arts and traditions with modern tools, through the insertion of specific courses, such as those related to Industrial Design. The didactic offer of the present institute is distinguished by the proposal of innovative professional profiles along with strong creative and project designing values.
CEPA Güímar (Adult Learning Centre of Güímar) (Spain)
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C/ Arístides Hernández Mora, Nº 18 - 1º (Edif. Biblioteca Municipal) - 38500 Güímar Spain

+34 922514105 +34 922513155

Type: Institutions (State Adult Learning School) Year of Foundation: 2000

Legal Representative: Mª Asunción Sampedro

Ours is a state institution. We provide official diplomas to adult learners, such as Secondary Education. We also offer different vocational training, related to cooking in restaurants, assisting children at nursery schools, and others.
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Piazzale De Bernardi,3 - 85029 Venosa Italia

0972/35254 0972/35254

Type: Institutions (Dirigente) Year of Foundation: 2011

Legal Representative: Allamprese Lilia

Centro del Profesorado "Algeciras-La Línea (Teacher Training Center "Algeciras-La Línea") (Spain)
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C/ Cartagena S/N - 11300 La Línea De La Concepción Spain

697953071 956174477

Type: Institutions (Official Government Institution) Year of Foundation: 1996

Legal Representative: Junta De Andalucia

Training teacher in service
Economic College “Iulian Pop” of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
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Emil Isac Street, Nr. 19 - 400023 Cluj-Napoca Romania

+04 - 0264 592081 +04 - 0264 592336

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1966

Legal Representative: Prof. Negruţiu Codruţa

The Economic College “Iulian Pop” of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) aims to ensure to the youths of Cluj-Napoca, equal education chances, by facilitating their training and their personality development in harmony, cultivated by the spirit of tolerance and dialogue, as well as by offering high-quality training opportunities, supporting the career development and the enhancement of the economic and social potential of the area. The school’s services are based on quality, performance, promotion of European values, equality of chances for all and the opening towards learning throughout life process.
I.I.S ADRIANO OLIVETTI (The Higher Education Institute “Adriano Olivetti”) (Italy)
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Giugno Street, 2 - 71045 Orta Nova - Foggia Italy

+39 0885782729 +39 0885782730

Type: Institutions (Higher Education Institute) Year of Foundation: 1980

Legal Representative: Ds Cendamo Leonardo

The Higher Education Institute “Adriano Olivetti” of Orta Nova is the only State Professional Institute of the “5 real sites” (Orta Nova, Stornara, Stornarella, Ordona e Carapelle) which guides the training of the own students, according to the evolution of the professional qualifications, in order to facilitate their recruitment in the current labor market. Its aim is to promote high-professional didactic pathways, made to equip the own students with adequate competences for best opportunities, as a matter of fact its study qualifications (tourism and business) are immediately marketable in the world of work. The tourism sector offers wide labor opportunities, seen the growth of the services sector in Italy as well as abroad, meanwhile the business sector, due to the continuous increase of the available technological resources for students, offers a professional training which ensures operative skills for the carrying out of office tasks as well as accounting management ones.
Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Jana Evangelisty Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem (The Faculty of Education, UJEP) (Czech Republic)
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České Mládeže 8 - 40096 Ústí Nad Labem Czech Republic

00420475283164 00420475212053

Type: Institutions (Teacher Training Faculty) Year of Foundation: 1954

Legal Representative: Jan Evangelista Purkyně University In Ústí Nad Labem

The Faculty of Education of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic is committed to excellent teacher training as well as building a stronger, more competitive research sector in the field of education.
Technical and Economic Institute “Pietro Giannone” and Technical Institute for Surveyors “Eugenio Masi” (Italy)
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5, Luigi Sbano Street - 71121 Foggia Italy

39.0881.633517 39.0881.635018

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1886 / 1960

Legal Representative: Prof. Renato Di Bari

The “Pietro Giannone-Eugenio Masi” Institute is a merged school (technical and economic – surveyors) called to enhance the scientific method and the technological know-how, allowing the acquirement of competences requested into the world of work, as well as the ability to apply the innovations necessary for the progress. The Institute is distinguished by a wide opening to other realities outside school, in order to help its own students in their individual path of confrontation and human as well as professional growth.
Higher Education Institute “Ferdinando Borghese” (Italy)
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10, Mons. Ficarra Street - 98066 Patti (Me) Italy

39094122078 39094121007

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1962

Legal Representative: Prof. Francesca Buta

The Higher Education Institute “Ferdinando Borghese” aims to spread various technical skills, specific for each profession, and to bring out the self-potential and uniqueness of each student, by turning them into valuable working tools, attractive for the demands of the global market. As a matter of fact, the Institute’s aim is to create proactive professional roles, able to confront with other professionals in the field, as well as other cultures.
Professional Institute for Industry and Craft “Antonio Pacinotti” (Italy)
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Natola Street, N. 12 - 71100 Foggia Italy

39 - 0881.611428 39 - 0881.611424

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1961

Legal Representative: Prof. Capra Matteo

The ICPI “Antonio Pacinotti” with its technical vocation, provides useful tools and methodologies for working and assembly industrial products, as well as managing the marketing process. The ICPI “Antonio Pacinotti” of Foggia aims to create professional roles with flexible competences and marketable skills in line with the market’s needs, also being careful to enrich the skills of autonomous management and enterprise of the students themselves.
Higher Education Institute “Luigi Einaudi-Ruggero Grieco” (Italy)
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4, Goppingen Square - 71121 Foggia Italy

390881721209 390881568690

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1974

Legal Representative: Prof. Leonardo Antonio Soldo

The Higher Education Institute “Luigi Einaudi-Ruggero Grieco” aims to provide its students with the largest number of tools for a quick entering into the world of work. The Institute is very careful with the local labor market’s needs and requirements in order to convert them into theoretical and practical competences for students; this way it aims to combine the resources with the demands of the territory (tourism, agriculture, services, communication) with profiles able to give their own professional contribution.
Institute of Higher Classical, Scientific and Professional Education of Tropea (Italy)
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Coniugi Crigna Street - 89861 Tropea (Vv) Italy

39 - 0963.666749 39 - 0963.666749

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 2001

Legal Representative: Prof. Beatrice Lento

The Comprehensive Institute consists of a Scientific and Classical Highschool and an Institute of Services for Enogastronomy and Hotel hospitality, which underlines the importance of its existence in its territory, since its origins, being a reference point and a connection between the local needs, the global market demands and the growth and training of future citizens and experts. The institute, for its such wide vocation in its professional opportunities, has its strengths into its experimentation and openness towards outside world.
Higher Education Institute “Ernesto Battaglini” (Italy)
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Accademia Dei Rinascenti Street, Snc - 85029 Venosa (Pz) Italy

39097231686 39097231119

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1969

Legal Representative: Prof. Claudio Martino

The Higher Education Institute “Ernesto Battaglini” branches out its experience into the technical sector (economic and technological) and professional one (commercial services), by picking up the actual labor market’s opportunities and needs. Therefore, its mission is to teach students how to “study with benefit”, by learning an adequate and efficient method which allows the orientation between learning and becoming the innovation’s protagonists.
Higher Education Institute “Luigi Di Maggio-Aldo Amaduzzi” (Italy)
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119, Corso Roma - 71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia) Italy

390882456519 390882456519

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1967 / 1990

Legal Representative: Eng. Francesco Gorgoglione

The Higher Education Institute “Luigi Di Maggio-Aldo Amaduzzi” distinguishes its own training and educational offer for quality and modernization. The School itself is characterized by the willing of offering to the own students advanced technologies and specializations and by its involvement to connect permanently and even more the school with its territory, through training internships in local companies.
Higher Education Institute “Vincenzo Lanza-Perugini” (Italy)
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N.55, Giuseppe Imperiale Street - 71122 Foggia Italy

39 - 0881-726619 39 - 0881-726619

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1968 / 1963

Legal Representative: Prof. Giuseppe Trecca

The Institute of Higher Education “Vincenzo Lanza-Perugini” is structured in a classical section and an artistic one. The Institute’s objective is to provide its students, through the common cultural and artistic heritage, with the necessary tools in order to disseminate, preserve and apply such knowledge “throughout time”, in modern and different contexts.
Studienseminar Osnabrück für das Lehramt an Berufsbildenden Schulen (Osnabrück Teacher Training Center for Teachers of Vocational Schools) (Germany)
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Blumenthalstrasse 32 - 49076 Osnabrück Germany

0049-541-18163780 0049-541-18163782

Type: Institutions (Teacher Training Institution: Young Teachers Undergo An 18-Month-Training Program Before Their Final Certification) Year of Foundation: 1963

Legal Representative: Matthias Möllering (Principal)

We are one of seven vocational teacher training institutions in Lower Saxony with over 100 trainees and about 30 trainers located in south-western Lower Saxony. Our aims are: --> Providing the best start for young teachers into the vocational school system by respecting everybody's individuality; --> Preparing young teachers to face changing requirements of a great profession; --> Cooperationg with everybody who plays a part in teacher training: from government to local schools
National State College “Ruggero Bonghi” (Italy)
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Iv Novembre Street, N. 38 - 71036 Lucera (Fg) Italy

390881520062 390881520109

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: -

Legal Representative: Prof. Annamaria Bianco

The National State College “Ruggero Bonghi” is distinguished by an own culture aimed to act with autonomy and responsibility inside the system of the relations between the technician, the service recipient (client) and other professional roles involved into the labor system. The National State College “Ruggero Bonghi”, through practical learning of the activities, aims to contribute to the own cultural heritage growth, made up by great craftsmen in every sector; and to the growth of the future citizens. Such connotations can be realized by mobilizing the specific knowledge and other personal skills coherent with their study field.
Higher Education Institute “Orazio Notarangelo - Giuseppe Rosati” (Italy)
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101, Napoli Street - 71122 Foggia Italy

39 - 0881-742435 39 - 0881-742435

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1955 / 1870

Legal Representative: Prof. Maria Aida Tatiana Episcopo

The Higher Education Institute “Orazio Notarangelo-Giuseppe Rosati” is a school with a well-defined economic/technological physiognomy which identifies and pursues objectives, develops programs and carries out projects for an adequate training offer for the requests of the territory. The Institute’s aim is to develop professional profiles with a cultural knowledge in technical, scientific and technological field, as well as marketable skills in sectors in which there is a permanent intervention of: processes, products, services, planning methodologies and organisation innovation.
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Contrada Serleo, 16 - 85023 Forenza (Pz) Italy

0971773008 0971773008


Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: -

Legal Representative: Lilia Allamprese

Scientific Highschool “Alessandro Volta” (Italy)
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N.1, Martiri Di Via Fani Street - 71122 Foggia Italy

39.0881.719420 39.0881.752614

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1973

Legal Representative: Prof. Grilli Gabriella

The Scientific Highschool “Alessandro Volta” aims to train and grow its students as people and citizens, allowing them to acquire full awareness of themselves and of their own choices, so that they can measure themselves with the complex reality of the contemporary social and cultural relationships. The full appreciation of the own potential and freedom can, as a matter of fact, be done only through the exploration of the Community dimension of human experience that is the horizon itself of the cultural education. All that can be realized by investing in teaching activities, on one side, the essential specific knowledge of the disciplines, those knowledge and abilities, that represent the fundamental background of each learning-training process, and, on the other side, favoring those cultural and educational initiatives aimed to enhance and enrich the unity of knowledge as culture.
Secondary School Nr. 1 of Fundeni Village (Romania)
partner logo

Fundeni Village - 917110 District Of Călăraşi Romania

40 - 242516303 40 - 242516303

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1940

Legal Representative: Headteacher Prof. Grigore Elena

The Secondary School Nr. 1 of Fundeni Village was founded in 1940. Following a few school management meetings, the following community and school’s needs were identified: the lack of jobs, affecting students’ and parents’ motivation; the lack of culture or recreation places for the organisation of cultural activities, to encourage talents among students etc. The school’s priority problems are the financial ones, not allowing the creation of dedicated educational spaces, to facilitate training activities for personality development, necessary to affront a changing society, such as: communication, cooperation or relational skills and the ability to work in team. The closest solution by us identified, was the project designing process, through which we obtained a facilitation and an enhancement of school’s climate and conditions. We mention a few: Project for Rural Education in partnership with the Fundeni Church – “Through faith forever” – 2005; Foundation Pestalozzi – Mosaic – “Live together!” – 2008; partnership with the Fundeni Church in – “Child soul – Christian facts!” 2011 – 2012; Project ZEP “Come to school” 2012 – 2013; project “My green school” – 2013; Project MaST – “School – an open window to life!” – 2013.
State Highschool "Tommaso Fiore” (Italy)
partner logo

Pacecco Street - 70038 Terlizzi (Ba) Italy

390803510401 390803510401

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1970

Legal Representative: Prof. Anna Maria Allegretta

The State Highschool “Tommaso Fiore” is carrying out its training function by offering behavior and relationships models, based on principles such as equality, legality, liberty, equal opportunities, integration, solidarity, responsibility, participation, transparency and efficiency. The student, thanks to the disciplines of study, will be able to become aware of the social, economic and cultural situation in which they will operate in order to become an active subject for change management and cultural revitalization.
State Scientific Highschool “Orazio Tedone” (Italy)
partner logo

N.13, Volta Street - 70037 Ruvo Di Puglia (Ba) Italy

39 - 0803601414 39 - 0803601415

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1935

Legal Representative: Prof. Domenica Loiudice

In terms of planning the Highschool takes inspiration from the territory’s needs, trying to depict the right demands, not losing though the territory’s wider dimension, given the context of the global horizons in work research. At the same time, in line with the high school’s culture setting, the Institute propose the offer of an investment kind of study into the scientific and humanistic knowledge sector for the development of ductile skills that can be spent in all research and professional fields.
Technical and Commercial Institute "Padre Antonio Maria Tannoia" (Italy)
partner logo

N.62, Xxiv Maggio Street - 70033 Corato-Ruvo Di Puglia (Ba) Italy

39 - 080.8721097 39 - 080.3580035

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1953

Legal Representative: Prof. Giovanni De Nicolo

The Technical and Commercial Institute “Padre Antonio Maria Tannoia” recognizes the fundamental school’s value as an education and culture place, that aims at training complete personalities under human, civil and professional profiles, with awareness towards big changes and the complexity of the contemporary world. The School’s mission is to educate: for a civil coexistence through the awareness of the fundamental human rights, the respect of the rules, understood as modus vivendi and human habitus inserted into the social context, for and efficient communication. This will allow the formation of culturally strong professional profiles, at the same time, flexible and able to adapt to an evolving society’s changes, also in intercultural dimension.
Technical College “Dimitrie Leonida” of Bucharest (Romania)
partner logo

Basarabia Avenue, Nr. 47 - District 2 Bucharest Romania

04 - 021 324 32 95 04 - 021 324 69 02

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1946

Legal Representative: Prof. Greavu Adina

The Technical College “Dimitrie Leonida” of Bucharest (Romania) is an Education Institute engaged to provide youths from Bucharest and surroundings a technical formation of 1st, 2nd and 3rd European level. Its aim is to train the students personality as autonomous and creative, by ensuring a high-quality preparation, based on general knowledge and training of professional competences, allowing students to exercise a profession in their field of preparation, continue their studies at higher level or open their own business. The school’s mission is to ensure a high-quality education, according to the students and the community needs, for a socio-economical adaptation of today’s youths, active citizens of tomorrow, aware of their own value and competitive on local as well as European labor market. The Technical College “Dimitrie Leonida” aims to ensure this quality, by promoting a modern education, inside a stimulative internal climate for students and teachers, sensitive to the local and regional needs.
Technical Institute “Luigi Amabile” (Italy)
partner logo

1/A, De Concilii Street - 83100 Avellino Italy

3908251643246 3908251643242

Type: Institutions (School) Year of Foundation: 1909

Legal Representative: Prof. Nicolina Silvana Agnes

The Technical Institute “Luigi Amabile” has always been committed in providing the leadership and intermediate supervisors of the production system, in terms of services and public administration; especially nowadays, when the scientific and technological progress asks for professionals with a specialization even more refined, especially in a country like Italy, with a strong manufacturing vocation. Therefore, the institute’s goal is to determine students to acquire not only the necessary competences for the entering into the world of work and the professions one, but also the comprehensive skills for the application of the innovations that the science and technique’s development produces continuously.


Aretè Informatica S.r.l. (Italy)
partner logo

11, Zuretti Street - 71121 Foggia Italy

0039.0881.889040 0039.0881.330365

Type: Profit (Ltd) Year of Foundation: 2014

Legal Representative: Luigi Martino

Aretè Informatica consists of a team of professionals, with different skills and specializations in the field of ICT; our goal is to meet customers’ needs and expectations from a technological point of view and to implement the use of technological supports and devices in the field of Education and Training.
Aretè s.r.l. (Italy)
partner logo

Via Zuretti, 11/C - 71121 Foggia Italy

00390881889040 00390881330365

Type: Profit (Italian Organization) Year of Foundation: 2012

Legal Representative: Antonio Berardino

Training agency Aretè s.r.l. is a dynamic reality which is based on two fundamental elements: comparison and continuous learning. Through the work orientation activity and the fulfilment of PON C5 projects , Aretè s.r.l. has the possibility to enact structured courses and to develop moments of dialogue, comparison, growth, to share little and big changes, to have the privilege of listening to youngsters while they are looking for their most adquate tools and strategies to change their dreams into a concrete life project. The work with youngsters is an activity of resources search, potentiality to be recognised as theirs. The Aretè s.r.l. is constantly involved in coaching, supports them in positive moments but most of all in the negative ones.
SC Global Education SRL (Global Education) (Romania)
partner logo

Str. Prof. Dr. Ion Atahanasiu Nr. 8, Sector 8 - 050676 Bucuresti Romania

0040731805813 0213169187

Type: Profit (Educational Company) Year of Foundation: 2013

Legal Representative: Iulia Nimescu

Infiintata in anul 2013, compania Global Education SRL este distribuitor de materiale pentru invatarea si predarea limbii engleze, ale unor edituri internationale de prestigiu, si centru de formare pentru profesionistii din domeniul educational. Se adreseaza tuturor categoriilor de public, implicate in procesul de invatare si predare: copii, elevi, profesori, adulti, colaborand cu parteneri de renume – gradinite, scoli, universitati, scoli de limbi straine, Ministerul Educatiei Nationale. Misunea asumata a companiei este de a oferi educatie prin intermediul unor produse si servicii de foarte buna calitate. Global Education se diferentiaza pe piata educationala prin oferirea unor servicii complete in domeniul invatarii si predarii limbilor straine. Variantele strategice la care apeleaza compania sunt: ♦ gama diversificata de produse ♦ calitatea superioara a produselor si serviciilor ♦ produse noi pe piata romaneasca ♦ stimularea distribuitorilor prin discount-uri avantajoase ♦ sisteme de fidelizare a clientilor din reteaua Global Education – pachete complete de servicii si produse educationale
European Consulting Srl (Italy)
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Via Trinitapoli 2/A - 71121 Foggia Italy

0881 311917 0881 311917


Type: Profit (Servizi) Year of Foundation: 1991

Legal Representative: Brigante Giorgio

Fornire alle Aziende clienti idonei strumenti organizzativi per l'ottenimento di un valore aggiunto nei mercati di riferimento.
Eurosuccess Consulting (Cyprus)
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56 Stavrou Ave., Karyatides Business Center, Block A2 - Office 205, Strovolos - 2035 Nicosia Cyprus

+357 22420110 +357 22518248

Type: Profit (Ent-Sme) Year of Foundation: 2009

Legal Representative: Giorgos Giorgakis

Eurosuccess Consulting was established in late 2009, by Mr Giorgos Giorgakis. The main objective and purpose of the organization is to inform and support, individuals and organizations on how to obtain funding, through the various opportunities available from EU and national schemes and programs. By exploiting these funding opportunities, enables the creation, development and implementation of the strategic objectives, which will aid towards meeting their operational needs. First and foremost task of our organization is the continuous qualitative and quantitative improvement of our offered services towards our clients. Meanwhile, Eurosuccess Consulting has extensive experience in relation to coordinating and managing National and European research projects. Based on all of the above, Eurosuccess Consulting may participate in consortiums and support to the maximum extent possible the desired approval and consequently the successful implementation of such proposals. Furthermore, the company is associated with a wide range of partners (research institutions and businesses, Universities, non-profit organizations etc.), from various EU countries, who at any time are able to support and assist at any request, depending on the nature and needs of each proposal individually.
Fox Servizi alle Imprese (Fox Service) (Italia)
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Via Sant'alfonso M. De'liguori 185 - 71121 Foggia Italia

0881724438 0881724438

Type: Profit (Impresa) Year of Foundation: 2003

Legal Representative: Fabio Volpe

The IBD Partnership (Uk)
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Printware Court Cumberland Business Centre Northumberland Road - Po5 1Ds Portsmouth Uk

00442392704375 00442392704001

Type: Profit (Business And Education Consultancy) Year of Foundation: 2011

Legal Representative: Raja Ali

This is a simple world that most of the time seems complicated. IBD Partnership will help you to start, manage and complete Your journey, whether it is an educational one or a business one. All journeys are self-improvement. Some You can do by yourself, for some – you need help, but advice is always a plus. Building long term partnerships is a key factor for growth and development, therefore – also for success. Taking care of those who we work with is one of the main principles of IBD Partnership. IBD Partnership is British multi sector company that occupies with education and business consultancy, and project management in both fields. We have a broad range of local and international partners. As an educational consultancy company, we organise different training programmes in UK and abroad, as well we actively participate within LLP both as sending and receiving organisation. IBD Partnership can organise and manage educational projects in UK, Europe and overseas. Within EU or otherwise funded projects, we can organise work placements and professional visits in a variety of sectors, also manage the practical side of project. As a business consultancy company, IBD Partnership help by analyzing existing business situation and suggest possible improvements, consulting on the local and overseas marketing possibilities, finding suitable partnerships, as well consult how to deal with urgent situations. IBD Partnership can successfully train personnel. We are always willing to learn and to discover more in all sectors; therefore IBD Partnership is open to various opportunities. Your potential – Maximised.
Remark s.r.l. (Italy)
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Pietro Gobetti Street, N. 4 - 71043 Manfredonia Italy

+39 3474772529 +39 0884516514

Type: Profit (Integrated Communication) Year of Foundation: 2011

Legal Representative: Michele De Meo

Our philosophy is focused on the development of solutions aimed at the updating and the management of the hotel and tourism market, as well as on bringing a contribution to the companies’ and inside individuals’ growth, by ensuring the necessary tools and professional training, in order to enhance the companies of the sector, allowing them to grow harmoniously inside the tourism system.
Regiohotel Manfredi (Italy)
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S.p. Le Matine, Km 12 - 71043 Manfredonia Italy

0884530122 +39 0884530113

Type: Profit (Wellness And Resort) Year of Foundation: 2003

Legal Representative: Cosimo Damiano Gelsomino

Working with love, constancy and professionalism is the best way to ensure our guests and customers the best service. The sense of hospitality is a propensity, an inspiration, a mindset that no training or self-convincement action can develop, it remains one of those innate qualities that we enjoy to feed every day.
Nicotel Gargano Hotel Sport & Wellness (Turismo Gargano Investimenti S.r.l.) (Italy)
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Ss 89 Area Pp In.dle - 71043 Manfredonia (Fg) Italy

390884549448 390884549448

Type: Profit (Hotel) Year of Foundation: 2001

Legal Representative: Dr. Totaro Giuseppe

Nicotel Gargano Hotel Sport & Wellness is a modern and stylish 4 star hotel. It is located in Manfredonia, at just 5 km from the coast of Gargano. Nicotel Gargano Hotel & Resorts covers a total surface area of more than 3 hectares. The hotel has 181 rooms and 48 apartments which are really nicely furnished. In the central courtyard of the hotel, sorrounded by a luxuriant vegetation, you can find a 440 sqm pool. Inside the hotel, there is a semi-Olympic pool, a children’s pool and a spa area, with a small cabin for massages and beauty treatments. Moreover the hotel offers a spacious breakfast room, a restaurant, several meeting rooms, a multipurpose sports field, a tennis court, a fully equipped fitness center, indoor parking and private beach. This 4-star hotel is located near the Gargano National Park , which is a natural reserve. The Gargano is the most varied and spectacular mountain range you can ever imagine. Moreover, the hotel is only 40 km from the city of Foggia, 20 km from San Giovanni Rotondo (famous for Padre Pio), 15 km from Monte Sant’Angelo (St. Michael’s Cave), and 15 km from Mattinata (Fg).
Nicotel Hotel & Wellness Bisceglie (Nicotel Dolmen S.r.l.) (Italy)
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Viale Della Libertà - 70052 Bisceglie (Ba) Italy

39.0803993111 390803993155

Type: Profit (Hotel) Year of Foundation: 2001

Legal Representative: Dr. Vincenzo Colannino

Nicotel Hotel & Wellness Bisceglie is a modern and elegant 4 stars hotel, with an Adriatic Sea view, perfect for leisure holidays, business and wellness. Nicotel Hotel Bisceglie offers to its guests elegant rooms, with a beautiful sea view, well equipped with all comforts. In the large and bright restaurant of Nicotel Hotel Bisceglie, with a ceiling covered in tiny lights creating the effect of a starry sky, the excellent typical cuisine of Apulia region can be tasted, among various specialties based on fish and seafood. Inside the minimal lobby bar it is possible to entertain for business as well as for a little chat, tasting an appetizer or a rum. The Wellness Centre of Nicotel Hotel Bisceglie, with two inside and outside swimming pools, cardio-fitness room, sauna, Turkish bath and massage rooms, allows guests to experiment real moments of relax and wellness. The hotel offers also modular meeting rooms. Nicotel Hotel & Wellness Bisceglie is located by the sea, in a strategic position just 1 km away from Dolmen della Chianca of Bisceglie, 1 km away from prehistoric caves of S. Croce, just 8 km away from Cathedral of Trani, 7 km away from Miragica Amusement Park, 7 km away from Ipercoop Shopping Center of Molfetta, 7 km away from Fashion District Shopping Center of Molfetta and 40 km away from Bari City.
Nicotel Hotel Barletta (Italy)
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Viale Regina Elena-Litorale Levante - 70051 Barletta (Ba) Italy

390883348946 390883334383

Type: Profit (Tourism) Year of Foundation: 2001

Legal Representative: Dr. Vincenzo Colannino

Nicotel Barletta is an elegant four star hotel equipped with all comforts: private parking, internet point, free wi-fi, laundry, room service, congress center for small business meetings. The rich buffet breakfast, with a wide choice of healthy products, sweet and salt, offers fresh fruits, fresh bread and tasty cakes prepared by a renown local bakery. Nicotel Barletta is situated along the promenade of Barletta “Litorale di Levante”, in front of the sea with a sand beach furnished with beach resorts, it is ideal for businessmen and tourists. It is easy to reach from the railway station, and only 7 km. far from the highway A14. The Castle of Barletta, The Cathedrale, the picture gallery De Nittis, the winery Sfida and the Colosso, are some of the many attractions of the old city of Barletta, that customers can reach by foot. Nicotel Barletta is also not far from: Castel del Monte 30 km., Trani Cathedral 10 km., Archeological area of Canosa di Puglia 25 km., Amusement Parc of Miragica in Molfetta 20 km. and from Bari city and the first Gargano coasts 50 km.
Nicotel Ostuni Hotel Resorts (Italy)
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Contrada Lamaforca - 72012 Carovigno (Br) Italy

390831968440 390831968506

Type: Profit (Hotel) Year of Foundation: 2010

Legal Representative: Dr. Totaro Giuseppe

Nicotel Ostuni Hotel Resorts, a new building four stars hotel, is located near the nicest and suggestive places of Apulia: Ostuni, “the white city”, the Adriatic Sea and Apulian Baroque Cities. The Hotel is far two kms from the natural reserve of “Torre Guaceto”, a paradise between sea and land. This Hotel & Resort is surrounded by many cycle lanes that connect it to the neighbourhood, for this reason the hotel is associated to ALBERGABICI and FIAB; you can rent a bicycle and enjoy your vacation. The Hotel has 70 rooms, designed as the Nicotel modern style. Our polished and cosy breakfast room and restaurant can offer you international buffets, typical dishes, specialty of Apulia, and special diet menus. Our structure has a gymnasium with modern fitness and gym equipment. Finally, the hotel has three meeting rooms, a large parking area, wifi and internet point. Nicotel Hotel Ostuni is situated in a very strategic place, nearby SS 379 Bari – Lecce (Torre Pozzella – Lamaforca exit), just 1 km from the Ostuni unspoiled blue sea, just 6 kms from Ostuni, “the white city”, 3 kms from Carovigno, the Messapi and Nzegna traditional land, 5 kms from the natural riserve of Torre Guaceto, 30 kms from the historical city of Brindisi, 20 kms from Fasano Zoo, 40 kms from Grotte di Castellana, 70 kms from the Baroque city of Lecce, 30 kms from Alberobello, the land of trulli.
Nicotel Pineto (Nicotel Group S.r.l.) (Italy)
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Viale Dei Pini - 74010 Castellaneta Marina (Ta) Italy

390998431105 390998431105

Type: Profit (Hotel) Year of Foundation: 2001

Legal Representative: Dr. Vincenzo Colannino

Surrounded by a luxurious and scented wood of Aleppo Pines, in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, a few hundred meters from the golden beaches of the Ionian coast of Apulia, is located the Nicotel Pineto. Its large and comfortable 114 rooms are decorated in a contemporary style and equipped with every comfort. The two restaurants, spacious and bright, will allow you to taste our traditional dishes, enjoying the colors, perfumes and sounds of the area thanks to large windows with panoramic views over our gardens and swimming pool. A beauty center, a congress area and a lounge bar are also available. Nicotel Hotel Pineto is in Castellaneta Marina 32 km from the historical town of Taranto, Puglia. In the surroundings: 26 km from Massafra, the regional natural park of “Terra delle Gravine”, 52 km from Grottaglie, reknown for its ceramics, 50 km from Matera , and its characteristical “Stones”, 35 km from Manduria, the town of the Messapian Walls and the Primitivo wine.
Nicotel Sport and Wellness Corato Hotel (Italy)
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Via Gravina S.n. - 70033 Corato (Ba) Italy

390808722430 390808722430

Type: Profit (Hotel) Year of Foundation: 2001

Legal Representative: Dr. Vincenzo Colannino

Nicotel Sport & Wellness Corato Hotel is an elegant fourstar hotel, with services dedicated to sport, well-being, relax, tourism in all its forms. Nicotel has got 76 modern and refined rooms, of which 16 of these are junior suites with kitchenette. In the restaurant inside the hotel, cosy and elegant, you can taste typical speciality of the good food of Apulia dietary menus. Nicotel Corato has one of the most modern and best equipped fitness centers of Apulia, an equipped gym with fitness machines, two indoor and two outdoor swimming pools with the possibility of hosting events for up to 1100 people, an eight – a – side football field and a five – a- side football fields, a renewed spa, that allow the customer to enjoy moments of true relax and well-being. To complete the offer, the hotel has six modern meeting rooms with parking area, wi-fi and internet point. Nicotel Sport & Wellness Corato Hotel is located near Castel del Monte and near some of the most beautiful cathedrals in the Romantic style of Apulia: Cathedral of Trani, Cathedral of Ruvo di Puglia, Cathedral of Andria. It’s also not far from Matera, Molfetta and Bari.