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    This contact making event will be held in Gateshead (UK) between (1st August/September 2015 for 7 days) and will be implemented by the4Cs – Climate Change Community Champions. The project will gather representatives interested in promoting sustainability, environment and reconnecting with nature

    During the contact making event, participants will debate, share experiences, exchange practices, develop new sustainable ideas and learn by doing with workshops, seminars and games. Non formal education will permit us to learn in a positive and relaxed environment, giving us the opportunity to raise our self confidence, go beyond stereotypes, met new people and get to know new cultures.

    To sum up, if you wish to see young people more aware, active in the society, prepared to make a change in their lives and attitudes, encouraging a culture of valuing resources and taking care of nature, we would like you to JOIN US! We are especially interested in organisations experienced and/or willing to share/learn on some of these topics:
    • Gardening projects
    • Farming projects
    • Domestic biogas digester
    • Self-sufficiency projects

    We are looking for any interested organisations (1-2 participants per partner promoter) from:
    Non EU partners – e.g. Albania, Kosovo, Serbia
    Eastern Europe partners – e.g. Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus

    Deadline for sending in the expression of interest: 23/01/2015

    If you have any question about the project, feel free to contact: Panganai Svotwa – [email protected]

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