YO!FEST 2014 – Emerging Bands Contest

Here’s your chance to perform at this year’s YO!Fest, taking place in Strasbourg (France) between 9 – 11 May. All you need to do is submit your entry by 13th April with your band’s info+links and convince us you’re the right band to choose! 

Who can apply? 
European bands with maximum 8 members that are between 15 and 25 years old.

What do you get?
The band will get accommodation+travel+50 euros for each member. 

What you can win:
The jury will pick two winning bands. Each band will have a 30 minutes performance on the Main Stage, one on Friday and one on Saturday, as well as live performances and jam sessions during the day in the YO! Village. 

The winners will be announced on 18th Apri by email and/or by telephone 

*Please attach your songs at the bottom of the form 
*Bands may be expected to arrive a day before their performance! 

By submitting this application you agree with the following Terms and Conditions:
The European Youth Forum, JMI and its licensees, including and without limitation, any radio or television broadcasting corporation or any festival, has the right to broadcast my performance at YO! Fest and all connected concerts and rehearsals. 
– In addition, the European Youth Forum, JMI and its licensees have the rights to use the recordings of such performances, of portion of thereof, as you may from time to time determine, in perpetuity and worldwide, whatsoever, including private, school and other educational uses, and exhibition by means of film, videotape, audio devices whether now known or unknown. 
– The The European Youth Forum, JMI and its licensees have the right to publish and disseminate my name, picture and voice, and biographical information about me, any means for the purposes of information and advertising and publicizing such recorder performances. In no event shall my name be used in connection with any product or service. 
– It is also understood that if the artist/band is selected to take part in the YO! Fest 2014 I shall take all necessary steps in order to obtain official documents to attend the above-mentioned venue (to include passport, necessary visas) and agree to comply with any official request by The European Youth Forum and JMI such as provision of a copy of the plane ticket or other kind of travel documentation both to and from the host country. This paragraph also applies to all other official requests (additional data of the musicians; additional copies of other documents than passport; accreditation forms; statements, etc.) by the JMI office, the local organizer, host country or any other third party involved in the organization of the session (music festivals in general; competitions; TV or radio performances, or others).

Please note that the information you submitted in the application process will be confidential and will not be made public.

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