The Sharing Economy: Reshaping the way we do business

Bruxelles Capitale will host a mutual learning event on the Sharing Economy on Tuesday 4 December.  The event will be organised in cooperation with Catalonia.

As is now a tradition and has been promised during the elaboration of the Committee 1 work programmeBruxelles Capitale will host this year again a mutual learning event on a current and transversal topic. This year it will be the Sharing economy, which will be in the spotlight.

If the sharing economy has had so much success so early on it is because it has been able to address the needs of consumers. As such authorities at all levels including the regional level will need to find ways of working with it because it’s here to stay and it’s only going to continue growing.

Very diverse stakeholders will engage in genuine exchange. The idea is to share and discuss initiatives which can be implemented right away. Another major asset of these events is to discover projects and initiatives and hear of stories first hand. Stakeholders from the private and public sector, industry specialists, entrepreneurs, and policy makers will gather to identify opportunities and points of action of the sharing economy.

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