The ECML (European Centre for Modern Languages) offers traineeships, lasting in general 6 months, twice a year. According to their field of interest applicants can choose the main area in which they would like to be involved (although the tasks will cover a wide variety of areas):

– organisation of events and meetings (Programme);
– documentation and resources (DRC);
– the Centre’s website (Website);
– finances and general administration (Administration).

Application deadlines:

– 28 February for the period July to December
– 31 August for the period January to June of the following year

Although we do not systematically follow the careers of our trainees, from our ongoing contacts we see that many have continued to work in the area of international cooperation. We would like to think that their stay at the Centre has influenced their decision in this respect.

Application form

In order to apply for the traineeship, you should use the attached application form. We kindly ask you to describe your language skills in accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. For an explanation on the six levels of proficiency, please, refer to the Council of Europe Language Policy Division’s specific site on the European Language Portfolio.

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