ERC-funded researchers took to the stage at TEDx Brussels

The European Research Council (ERC) joined forces with the TEDx Brussels and brought five top EU-funded researchers to the stage.
The umbrella theme for the day was ‘The territory and the map’. 158 leading thinkers, artists, scientists and innovators arrived to the capital of Europe to entertain and inform.

Nobel-prize winning economist, Prof. Christofer Pissarides talked about the future of employment in Europe, Prof. Ulf Leonhardt presented his research into uncloaking the science of invisibility, Dr. Laura Robinson explained the Hidden reefs of the deep sea investigation, Prof. Tiziana Rossetto talked about her research into the effects of tsunamis on coastal infrastructure and finally, Prof. Jonathan Coleman described his ERC-funded SEMANTICS project on graphene and two-dimensional nanostructures.

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